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Jesus and the Children

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Good Morning!

Yesterday was a long full day for the team. We awoke early to head to a school. Our main contact and translator is a prompt man, so we got to our site early. The students were eagerly awaiting us and sang us songs as we entered. We are always excited by the exuberance we see in these children. The school is in a rougher part of the city, and they rarely get special guests, so when they heard we were coming, they wanted to make sure they didn’t miss anything.

One student got to talk to some teachers. Most were believers, but one woman said she doesn’t go to church. Our student encouraged them that finding a body of believers can help her in her walk and that prayer plays a crucial role. The teacher continued to ask questions about church and prayer. The student answered her questions and prayed for all of them. We were encouraged that they are truly seeking. Several of our students got to lead groups of children to the Lord after explaining a clear gospel to them.

Since we were early to the first school, the headmaster led us down the street to another school where she is also the headmaster. Divine appointments were made! Students lined their classrooms to watch. We had many students to engage with as we were preparing to sit up. The teachers were helping us translate and were thrilled that we were able to “fit them in.” There was such sincerity in their prayers and we were all encouraged by their spirit. “Whoever will not receive the Kingdom of God like a little child will not enter it” (Mark 10:15).

This school’s ground was wet and therefore, the sand was muddy. Our pants and vests were dirty. In Suriname, when your clothes are dirty, people look at you as if you are dirty rather than hearing the message you have. So, a brother let us use his washer and dryer to wash our drama costumes. While we were waiting for them to dry, we went to invite people around the neighborhood to the church where we were performing that evening.

We got to share testimonies of what God did in the interior and then share the drama with the church in the poor area. Many people crammed into the church to see what we were there doing. As a message was presented, many people understood the story and prayed to receive Christ.

Later in the evening, we had a gathering with the students here at the Bible school where we are staying. Again, we shared stories of God’s faithfulness in our lives and throughout Suriname. We worshipped together and rejoiced in the glory of our great God.

We went to bed to get some well-deserved rest and got to sleep in a bit this morning. Today is a holiday in Suriname so we are taking the morning break to fill ourselves up on the Word of God.

Praise the Father for his continued blessing of unity and safety. Join us in prayer for focus in our last days here and that God uses us through every moment.


Chad and Danielle

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