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As we finished breakfast yesterday morning, we received an invitation to go perform the drama at a rehab center. We were excited for this change of plans and quickly headed towards the bus. When we arrived, all the men of the center gathered chairs around in anticipation of what they were about to witness. As the students performed the drama, all eyes were glued on them in deep attention. After the Net was cast and the students went out to speak to them, many prayed to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior! Though going to the rehab center was not initially planned, God opened this door for us to go, and oh, how rewarding it was! The men there were of all ages, one as young as 15. It was great to see lives changed there before us and to be able to pray and encourage those as they are in the process of getting physical help.

After the rehab center, we headed to do another drama in a plaza before lunch. The timing could not have been better when we arrived. As the students unloaded and set the stage, across the street a line had begun to form waiting for the bank. We had been to this plaza before at the start of our trip and had not seen such a large line there before. As the people stood there waiting for the bank, God had them ready to listen to the drama as the students performed.

Following lunch we headed to a nursing facility, where many of the patients have been forgotten. We brought food to give and were able to love on them. One student was able to read to a woman there whom Dolly said would never let anyone approach her in the entire time she has been visiting. This student read her an entire chapter from Galatians as she sat there, still and attentive. Ministry of this kind is of equal importance to doing the drama. The theme for this summer has been “iServe,” and we were happy to be able to serve the residents and nurses who work there in this way.

As part of the Man Up teachings, the men are learning how to speak into women. So last night, the men graciously cooked all the women a nice spaghetti dinner before individually affirming each of them. We could not be more proud of each of the men on our team as we have seen them step up in multiple ways over the past few weeks.

Today will be our last official day of ministry here in Peru before heading back to Lima tonight and then back to the United States. We are all sad at the thought of this trip coming to a close, but are joyful in the sweet memories we have made together though the people we have met and the adventures we have had.

Thank you for always keeping us in your prayers. Please be praying for each of the students today as we finish strong for our ministry here in Huanuco.

Your Country Coordinators,

Steen & Rebecca

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