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Inhale, Exhale

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What a joy to spend some quality time together as a team. Inhale–Exhale! Today was a part of what Awe Star teaches on how to know when it’s time to inhale vs. exhaling as a team. For the last week, we have been hitting the streets hard sharing the gospel, gathering fruit and pushing back darkness. So today we rest. We engaged in a time of fun, rest and adventure. Thank you, Jesus, for moments of pulling away from the masses to recharge and ready ourselves to hit it hard again tomorrow! #jesushasdecided #awestar #usherHimhome

Peggy Nunley, Country Coordinator

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3 response to Inhale, Exhale

  • Gail Eno Johns Rhodes says:

    Prayers thanking the Lord for a day of much needed rest!! Tomorrow is a new day and we pray God opens many opportunities. Also I would like to thank the Lord for our grandson who has a birthday on July 9th. He has spent his last 3 birthdays working for the Lord with Awestar in a foreign country. What an awesome way to spend your birthday. We are so proud of Johnson Long. Pray that God will bless him !!! Goody and Papa. Love you!!!! GOD is Always GOOD!!!!!!

  • Patsy Weaver says:

    It did our hearts good back home to see this team who has been deep in the battle for the Kingdom get some much needed rest. Good to see those happy faces! But please tell Jadyn that just because her Nani pet a live tiger does not mean she can go around petting crocodiles! Lol!! I know she enjoys the animals so much. Praying this day provided the renewed energy and passion for the week ahead. Wishing Johnson a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  • Cheryl Sullivan says:

    It is a blessing to know that God’s Word is being accepted by the people as you move through their lives. I love seeing the pictures and the smiles on everyone’s faces. I keep you all in my prayers and as Pastor Timbo says “go give em Heaven”. Happy birthday Johnson Long……

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