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Incredible Savior!

What an incredible God we serve!

The teams are doing wonderfully! Today, they were challenged with a Rite of Passage story complete with the opportunity to take on a significant task and to begin to walk through life as adults. Many responded and are now walking fully surrendered. It was  a great morning!

Next, they headed out into the pleasant sun and chill of a cool Mexican morning. It would heat up quickly, but it didn’t dampen the spirits of these two teams. They have worked hard all day in learning the details of the vehicle they will use to share Christ with Piedres Negras and the surrounding communities.

Leadership met with the local pastors and got the schedules set for the week. Excitement among the studetns is at a high level as they are excited to begin ministry in the morning.

We have eaten well today, but most exciting was our tamale dinner hosted by a nearby church. We ate until we were overfull! Everyone left happy and ready to tackle the evening. When we arrived back at our base, we began to polish our drama in preparation for tomorrows first full day of ministry.

Please pray for the students as they work outside of their comfort zones to share Christ. Pray for ever increasing unity among the teams as they continue to get to know each other! Pray for continued rest and hydration as we face the heat of this land while being loved on by her people. We are so very thankful!

Brent Higgins CC

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7 response to Incredible Savior!

  • Yay!! I am overjoyed to know that both teams have arrived safely in country!! I have been praying for you guys and will continue to pray for the people of Mexico and the Devine encounters. I am truly thankful for all the people who have given of their spring break in order to tell a lost nation about the saving love of Christ! I wish I could be there to see first hand how God’s provision will unfold! Stay encouraged my brothers and sisters and keep your focus on the hope of Christ! You carry the great name of our Lord and Savior with you, and with that comes great power and strength that is more than enough!!
    Now I want to let Zach and Brent know that I miss you both bunches!!! You are both great men of God that I know will be used in great ways in the furthering of the gospel. I wish I could be there with you guys but God has me here for some reason! Haha Brent, gain some weight for me!! Lol Well, I am praying for you all and look forward to the next update!
    Love Always,
    Amber “Berr” Atkinson

  • says:

    We are excited and overwhelmed. Praying for each of you as you set out to serve God and share his word. Planting seeds for the harvest, hard work, but oh so worth it. Proud of all of you. Love from Oklahoma – Steve, Di and Riley Bonifield 🙂

  • May the Good Lord be with you all week as you are Ambassadors for Christ. I pray the Holy Spirit will speak thru you all!

  • Marti Pieper says:

    I’m excited to see the great things God is doing and know He has many more prepared. I’m also glad it’s warmer there than it was at Christmas! Continuing to lift you before Him.

  • I love you Nik….am so very proud of you! Love and prayers from Mom!

  • says:

    What outpouring of love and support the country and churches have already supplied. Praying for a week of love and divine encounters. Can’t wait for the next updates! Show everyone what this Jesus guy is all about!
    Blessings to you all!


  • Wow…to step back and look at the pictures and read the updates and hear what God is doing in Mexico through this awesome group of young adults is truly amazing. I know God has wonderful things in store for Mexico and blessing in store for those who are willing to serve. God Bless all of you and thank you all for your service and willingness to God. Our prayers are with all of you.

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