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In the Image of the Father

Happy Father’s Day, dads! 

The team spent today celebrating the Heavenly Father at La Comunidad Bible Church in Panama City where we learned the importance of wisdom, love, and sacrifice in fatherhood through the example of Solomon (1 Kings 3). La Comunidad has been so kind as to welcome us back year after year, and we are privileged to be partners in their ministry. After fellowshipping with those in the congregation and eating lunch, the team boarded the bus en route to San Miguelito.

For half an hour the team bumped along the road away from Panama City, the terrain growing increasingly hilly and lush. The bus with its tattered, gold upholstery and sweaty occupants chugged up and over steep hills, our Little Engine That Could. The afternoon was already advanced when we reached San Miguelito and the Embera Puru people living there. The pastor of a church in that area welcomed the team and led us (huffing and puffing) up a hill to a dirt soccer field. The team performed the drama to an audience of church members and unchurched villagers. 

Most of the crowd were children and young adults, and the team was able to engage most of them in conversation about salvation through belief in Jesus. Students held the attention of groups of kids squatting in the dust against the concrete wall to tell them about the Gospel. Two students shared their individual testimonies with a young man who was searching, just as many of us have, with questions about the implications of trusting God with our lives. “What will my family think? My friends?” The young man did not want to give up his way of life today, but we pray the Spirit will continue to work on his heart.

Before heading back to the Casa Blanca in the city, the team played soccer (futbol) and danced with the kids, kicking up dirt and laughter. The team filled the bus with songs of praise while laboring once again over the hills. 

Everyday and every ministry site has been a lesson in identity: Who is God? Who are we? The answer lies in the cross. God is an unfathomable being of infinite mercy and justice who sent his son to atone for the sins of the world. We are recipients of undeserved grace who have inexplicably received life. 

And so we carry the light of Christ within us, image bearers of the Father and ambassadors of the Son.

Please continue to pray as tomorrow we will do Jesus Ministry at a school.

En el nombre de Jesus (In the name of Jesus),

Steph and Marc


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response to In the Image of the Father

  • Kacey Krupp says:

    Dearest Mya and Emma,
    I miss you girls!
    I am so proud of you both.
    I pray that you’ll find strength to endure.
    And that your hearts will burst with love for those beautiful people, and that you hearts will ache for them, and for their salvation. I pray that with every day and every hour you are there, you will be able to give more and more to doing everything you can for the people.
    And for each other.
    I love you!
    change the world.

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