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In the Cleansing Flood

(Evening of June 14, 2013)

Hola, Todos!

After a restful night, the team was eager to get back to Cinco de Mayo. With bellies full of a true Panamanian breakfast–tortillas de maiz y salchichas (corn tortillas and sausages)–and hearts overflowing from morning worship, the group filed between vendors into the street to “set the stage”for the drama. The students enjoyed the drizzling rain, and several in the audience came to understand the cleansing love of Christ. We had lunch on the run after the second drama of the day. The clouds looked heavy, as it does most days in Panama’s rainy season, but the rain held off until mid-afternoon.

As the deluge broke through the sky, the power of the Spirit of God settled amongst us. The team performed the next two dramas with brilliant energy, soaked to the skin, while onlookers huddled under the shops’ awnings. The last drama before returning to the Casa Blanca competed with a segment of Dancing with the Stars being filmed a hundred feet away.

By God’s infinite grace, the team saw many hearts affected by the Gospel today, from Muslim shop keepers to armed guards.

The teaching tonight addressed faith, willingness to “step out of the boat,”a lesson from Matthew 14. This week will certainly test the team and challenge them to expand their faith to break down the barriers in their hearts and step out of their comfort zones.

As you continue to pray for the Spirit’s work in Panama, please consider:

  • Unity, Focus, and Strength within the team
  • Divine encounters
  • Students will get their personal stories of how God worked through them here

Please bear with us as we struggle without internet connection. We will upload as the internet winds are with us.

With thanksgiving,

Steph and Marc

Country Coordinators

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