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I guess you heard, they made it and are now on their way home.

Last steps up

Made it to the top!!!


To all those who have prayed and encouraged me on this journey I am grateful. I felt every prayer with every step and when I didn’t think I could walk one more step your prayers made it possible. I have so much to tell, the journey was way more than I ever thought. I am just beginning to process it right now, it is going to take awhile for me to get my thoughts in order. I am spending a day recovering, my muscles are fatigued, they are spent. It was an extreme physical, emotional and spiritual trip all three combined into one. It was equally demanding in each arena of my life. One thing for sure I will never be the same. So in a few days I will began to post more of my reflections but for now I wanted you to know that I am grateful for my friends. Walker Moore

On the way up

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