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How Big is Your Jesus?

The team returned to San Miguelito today to perform the drama in a school.

For the first drama, a group of about fifty elementary students toddled, skipped, and giggled into the large room full of chairs where we waited with smiles and dancing. They loved to spin and be lifted high in the air. When we asked them to move closer and fill every chair before starting the drama, a group of girls came to the front row, twiddling the edges of their uniform skirts and shyly grinning at us gringos. The dragon made them squeal, but the teenage girls who came a few hours later shrieked louder! The next crowd of students was from the middle grades, and a much smaller group. They looked at us somewhat distrustfully, but by the time they left, we had made several new friends. The team was able to see several of these students make decisions for Christ.

Finally the oldest students filed in, some waving sweetly and others scowling in distaste. Most of these students have bad family situations and are involved with dangerous lifestyles, but our Jesus is bigger than these things. The wiping of tears and hiding of faces was visible all over the room as the People of the Land crucified the Good Prince. After the drama, the teachers of the school organized the hundred or so students into six discussion circles, into which our students dispersed themselves. Using interpreters, the students were able to share the Gospel and their own testimonies. The team told the students about how there is forgiveness and love that can cover any offense. Many of these students chose to let God change their lives today.

Please pray for those in the school at San Miguelito–for the safety and spiritual development of the students and teachers.

The team heads to the jungle tomorrow and will come back to the Casa Blanca (and Internet) Thursday! Please keep us in your prayers, and we look forward to updating you upon our return!

With bug spray in hand and praise on our lips,

Steph and Marc

Country Coordinators



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  • Magen Brown says:

    Praying for your ministry in San Miguelito! Morgan-we love and miss you! God is faithful in bringing new believers to this area, praying for ministers to rise up here and disciple those He is calling. You guys rock! So thankful for each one of you on this team and your obedience to His calling! Love and prayers!

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