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Hemos Sido Adoptados!

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Hola amigos!

This morning we prayed and asked God to work in mighty ways on our last day of drama ministry, and boy, did He answer our prayers! We started off the morning with breakfast and then headed out to our first park of the day. When we arrived, there were some men playing a very intense game of soccer, but other than that, the park was deserted. We began to set up anyway and performed the drama as usual. As the drama went on, people began to show up. In the end, we had a small group of onlookers with whom the students were able to speak. One group spoke with a woman who admitted that she had never accepted Christ and that she did believe in Him; however, she also believes that accepting Him is a decision to be made in private and asked that she not have to say the prayer with our students. The students understood that the decision to follow Christ is a very personal one and were able to simply pray over her and her future with the Lord. We are praying that she went home and spoke with Christ because of the way He was speaking to her today through our students.

At the next site, we interrupted yet another intense game of futbol and performed for the small crowd that was gathered in this particular park. Once we had finished, a group was able to speak with a young mother and her sister who had watched the drama. Today, the young mother found salvation in Christ and asked that the group pray over her baby and her sister, who cannot have children. The team gathered around her and prayed that the baby would be brought up in a God-loving home and for health for the sister. As believers, we have this opportunity to come alongside each other and make requests to God on our brother’s/sister’s behalf. This was an immediate picture of that truth as this lady had just come to know the Lord and was then surrounded by the team as fellow followers of Christ.

After a wonderful lunch prepared by Pastor Tito’s wife, Edith, we came back to the hotel until it was time to leave for our next drama. The students rested for a while and then came back together for a time of worship. We love to worship before going back out into ministry because it fills us up and prepares our hearts for the task ahead. Today, worship prepared us for our final drama of the summer. This performance was very special because we were able to travel to an orphanage where I (Hannah) stayed with my family the summer of my sophomore year in high school. We performed the drama for the children and then spent time playing soccer, volleyball, and drawing with chalk before it was time to go. This experience was extremely humbling and eye- opening for the students. Because of this, we ended this summer’s drama ministry in a way that we believe is right–in awe of God’s love and so thankful for His grace. The students didn’t want to leave; however, it was time for the children to have dinner, and Edith was waiting on us with a surprise as well.

In Peru, there is a certain delicacy which is often difficult for us Americans to wrap our minds around; guinea pig. Edith managed to get the team two guinea pigs to try, and the students absolutely loved trying something so different and new. They tell us it tastes exactly like chicken. We chose to take their word for it. To offset the strangeness of the guinea pig, we were given delicious, American-style hamburgers. The team enjoyed dinner so much tonight that we are pretty sure they thought they were in heaven.

Finally, we have very good news! God has heard your prayers so that Tito was able to return home today! He is still feeling weak, but much better than he was feeling before. Thank you so much for joining us in praying for his health and praise God for always loving and taking care of His children. He is so gracious to us!

Tonight, please be praying for the team as this is our last full night of sleep in beds until we arrive back in the USA. Tomorrow night, we will take an overnight bus ride, and the next night, we will have to leave for the airport around 12:00 a.m. The students will be given some time to rest while we are in Lima, but we are asking that God multiply the rest we do get and that we will keep good attitudes through the long travel days. The students are getting so excited to see you all in just a few days and tell you what great things God has done here in Peru!

Your CCs,

Jordan and Hannah

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