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Hello From Hebron!

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Hello friends & family!

We have all safely returned from our stay in the jungle! We are all happy, healthy, and taking some much-needed rest at Hebron Bible College. We apologize for the break in updates, but none of the villages that we visited had Wi-Fi. In fact, the majority of them do not even have consistent electricity! The only source of power in the jungle is from a generator, and we only had electricity for about three hours per night, from 7 – 10 p.m.

What an amazing time we have had! Our base camp was made in a village called Foetoenakaba (which the locals shorten to and pronounce as “Futana”). The story of this village is in itself an amazing testament to the power and working of God. You will have to ask your students to tell you the story of Paul Anake when they return!

From this village, which has recently built living quarters, kitchen, and a nice church, we advanced into the interior and brought the Light! We took a boat all up and down the river, going as far south as Godo. In all, we visited over 16 villages along the Suriname River, bringing the good news of the gospel to thousands. Many people over the course of the past ten days have found new life, purpose, and liberation in Christ!

In one village in particular, we were given the opportunity to present the gospel at a local “community center.” We arrived at the appointed time of 5:30 p.m. to begin our drama presentation, but we were told we had to “wait and see” because some of the local people were still busy praying inside a local “temple” that housed some idols. Worship of different spirits and even ancestors is prevalent in this area.

We were finally given permission to present the drama by the local village chief and his advisor. Until that time, we were waiting near the river, and even though all we were doing was sitting around and praying and singing, a crowd of over one hundred people had gathered! If they had waited any longer to allow us to come in, the village would have come to us!

After our presentation, our students went out and began talking with the people about the meaning of the drama and about the Lord who wants to have a relationship with us. One of our ministry teams approached the village chief and his advisor in order to present the gospel. After explaining it, the team leader asked if the chief would like to accept Christ as his Savior. The village chief said yes! Not only that, but his advisor did as well! Please pray for these men that God would send someone to disciple them. Pray that through them the darkness would be lifted and the people in that village would have a church established!

Our time in the interior has been one of advancing the Kingdom of God where the enemy yet reigns. We have made progress, but there is still so much to do. Most villages do not have a church, and some do not even have any local believers.

Please pray for this place, that God would raise up missionaries to send here. Pray that God would place people of peace so that the gospel can be freely proclaimed. Pray that the people here would know the peace of God in their lives and the freedom that He brings.

Please continue to lift our team up as we finish our last week in Suriname. The time has flown by! Even though we are soon to leave, God still has things to accomplish in and through us. Pray that we would continue to love one another and to walk in obedience to the calling that God has placed in our lives. Pray for our continued good health and that God would continue to use us in a mighty way.

Recently Returned,

Jacey & Caitlyn

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