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Hear Us From Heaven

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Buenas Tardes!

God has done so much in and through our team in the past few days! Due to wifi complications, it has been difficult to post updates, but we are hoping it will be better from here on out.

On Friday, the team started out the morning by heading out to the city of Felipillo. Felipillo is about an hour and a half away from Panama City, so we got to spend time in worship and prayer on the way. As we started out the day, we noticed that the enemy was already at work. Our students were feeling the presence of discouragement and darkness, but we know that we are here to push back the darkness with the light of Jesus. Despite the opposition, our students were able to perform two dramas. The enemy quickly began to work and discourage our team, bringing about a spirit of exhaustion. Even though our students had just finished a rest day, they felt very tired and defeated. However, we know that worship makes us stronger. We headed back to Panama City and sang worship songs, praying for one another before we ate lunch and prepared to go back out into ministry.

After this hour or so of rest during lunchtime, the students headed out to Cinco de Mayo, which is one of the busiest streets in Panama City. Thousands of Panamanians walk this street every day to buy and sell merchandise. Although our students were tired, they had surrendered this time to the Lord. They prayed for one another and performed a drama for a large crowd. While the students were performing the drama, a man came and began speaking with one of our leaders. We found out that this man was a Christian who worked in the local community. He was so encouraged by our students coming to share the gospel here and loved seeing the drama. Once our students were brought in, this man asked to pray over our team and the work we are doing. We love it when the Lord uses believers to encourage and strengthen our faith. After this encouraging time with the local believer, the students asked us to do one more drama. Even though they had been exhausted earlier that day, they were strengthened by their time with the pastor and had hearts to do ministry.

That evening, we did a teaching on the call to be uncomfortable for Jesus. We spoke on how God had brought us to Panama for such a time as this and how we must run to Jesus and not away from Him. The students were encouraged by the idea that God has a plan for them here in Panama and is going to use them as He desires.

On Saturday, our students got to stay in Panama City to work with a local church several of our translators attend. The students got to visit with some local believers before performing a drama. Our audience was a soccer team of young, underprivileged girls. These girls are very poor and are rarely seen as special or loved, so it was a blessing for our students to have time to speak with them and pour into them. These girls got to hear the gospel, many of them surrendering their lives to following Jesus. The rest of the day, due to weather conditions, we were prevented from doing more drama ministry. Our students did get to spend time walking house-to-house and building relationships with local Panamanians.

On Sunday, our team got to experience church with some Kuna people (one of the indigenous people groups in Panama) at Kuna Nega. They got to perform the drama in this tribal language and then spent time ministering to Kuna people in the area. Throughout the day, they got to perform several dramas, which was encouraging to our students’ hearts.

At the third drama of the day, one of our students began speaking with a little girl who was watching the drama. It turned out that this young girl was on the soccer team the students had performed the drama for the day before! This little girl had received salvation and had immediately gone home to share the gospel with her family. The very next day, the Lord reunited the groups so that this little girl’s family could hear the gospel as well. Glory to God!

Today the team is heading to Las Culebras, where we will be staying for three days. This will be a time where we will be able to do house-to-house ministry, perform a drama for the school in the jungle and spend time encouraging the believers in this part of Panama. Please pray for the team as we go. Pray that we will be able to stay strong and have joy no matter what circumstances we are in. Pray against the attacks of the enemy, that he will not have any foothold. Pray that we are able to push back the darkness and walk in power because of Jesus. Pray that the students will rely on the strength of Jesus and not on their own strength (2 Cor. 12:9). Finally, pray for the Lord to work miracles and bring many to saving faith in Christ. We are excited for and expectant of all that God is going to do!

Your Country Coordinators,

Razi & Melanie

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  • Gilbert says:

    Hi from Britain to y’all in Panama! – great to get your update, and hear how God is using you – 2 Cor C2 v14 – you are making an impact for Jesus, and His fragrance will linger with those you have shared with, even after you have moved on!

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