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Heading to the Interior.

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Hello friends and family!

We began today thinking that our only activity would be preparing for the jungle, but God opened the door for us to go to a high school at the last minute! As John was on the way to pick us up, a local school director called him and asked if we would be available (which, of course, we were!). We were given a 30-minute slot to present our drama in between other performances in what appeared to be a talent show competition, and God used that to plant many seeds. Praise Him for the opportunity!

After the school, we had an excellent day of purchasing food, packing, and preparing for our time in the interior. For the next ten days we will be using the village of Futana as our basecamp and will be taking boats up and down the Suriname River to visit many different villages. We are all doing well and extremely excited to begin this part of our ministry here!

Because we will be staying out in the jungle, access to WiFi will be nonexistent. We will try to post updates and photos, but we do not expect to be able to. However, we should be able to get a few text messages through to let you all know that things are going well.

Please continue to pray for our safety, pray that God would open many doors for the advance of the gospel among the native peoples, and pray that God would continue to use our team to do a mighty work.

Signing off from Suriname,
Jacey & Caitlyn

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  • Michelle Hamilton says:

    I am praying for the safety of the team and the energy and excitement to be renewed daily. I pray that God keeps everyone healthy. Of course I am praying that you all enjoy those pb&j and that they will continue to taste like steak! Lol! Please let Lindsey know I love her and hate that I missed her call the other day! So proud of what the team is doing. Continue to be bold in your love for Jesus Christ!

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