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Hasta Luego, Peru!

Good evening everyone!
We apologize for not being able to post last night as we traveled overnight by bus to get to Lima.
Yesterday we had the opportunity to attend Pastor Tito’s church for their 16th anniversary celebration! There was a service followed by a wonderful meal complete with cake and a mariachi band! The students enjoyed spending time with the members of the church fellowshipping and playing some bible trivia. Afterwards, we returned to the hotel and had time to pack.
Before we left Trujillo, we had a special time where the girls and guys got together to present capsules and keys to each other. The capsules were given to the girls from the boys. In them contained attributes of God the boys see in the girls. Each girl received a capsule of their own to keep and be reminded of how God is working in their lives. The keys, which have a crown and heart on them, were given to the guys from the girls as a symbol that the men are sons of God – princes and heirs to the throne. However, the heart is a reminder that in all things, they are to walk out in love. God is the most powerful being in all the universe but even still, He is the most loving as well. Once this time was complete, we headed out to the bus station to get to Lima.
After arriving in Lima, the students had a full day of souvenir shopping. Don’t be surprised if your child comes home with multicolored shoes or Peru soccer jerseys!
Tonight we leave for the airport at 12:00 midnight. Our flight lifts off at 3:40am so please be praying for multiplied rest, safe travels, and that God would continue to remind the team of His goodness. Even now that the trip is coming to an end, Satan will always want to pull our focus away from the amazing things God has done. We want to always remember His faithfulness and grace as we have seen and experienced in our own lives while on this trip.
We are so ready to see you all!
Your CCs,
Jordan and Hannah

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