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Hasta Luego, Bagua!

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Hello from Peru to the USA!

Today marked our last day of drama ministry here in Bagua, and God worked in great ways!. We started the morning in a new location performing in between two streets. Once the drama was over, students went out in their groups to share the gospel. One group spoke to a man who had watched the drama from inside his taxi. He chose not to accept God’s free gift and so we pray that the seed which was planted would continue to be watered.

At our second site, we got to mix things up a little bit. Two students allowed Jordan and me to take their spots in their drama just for one site. We enjoyed participating as neither of us has been in the drama since 2013! Afterwards, the students went out and gathered crowds of people around them. Here we met two Americans who are living here in Bagua while working with the Peace Corps. They are from New York and Colorado and have each been here close to a year. They were more than excited to speak with people who also spoke English in the small town of Bagua. They had great hearts for serving the people in this city. We are praying that they heard the gospel and understood the greatest servant of all time wants to love them and teach them how to better love others.

After eating lunch, the students had MOM and POP time where they worked on something special that Awe Star is doing this year. In just a couple of days, the guys are going to give little capsules for the girls to keep. Today the guys sat down together and went over what godly attributes they see in each girl. They then wrote down those things and put them inside of the capsules they are going to give away. Similarly, the girls will give the guys keys that have a crown on the top and a heart on the bottom. It signifies that they are mighty sons of the King and should act as such. The heart and the key show that in everything, love (God is love) is the key. The girls also discussed the attributes they see in the men and prepared to give them their gifts.

In a few days, the guys and girls will present these gifts to each other, speaking into the other how they see God at work in their life and encouraging them to continue on in their walk. This is the first year Awe Star has done this specific activity although we have done similar exercises in the past. It is always an extremely uplifting time for the students as they don’t always get to hear another person call out the ways they see God living in them. It also fosters a stronger sense of respect between the girls and the guys to be able to speak into one another as brothers and sisters in Christ. After they had finished this MOM/POP time, the students rested before coming back down into a time of worship.

With renewed hearts from worship, the team ventured back out for our last drama in Bagua. The students allowed TDs Razi and Haley to do the drama this time, and they took on the roles of Jesus and the Knightmare. As the students went out in groups, one MTL spoke with a man who was mute. He nodded and shook his head as the students shared and when it came time to pray, he nodded along as he listened. We pray that God’s word fell on good soil and that he was able to understand and truly accept Christ as the ruler of his life. Another group spoke with a girl who had been sitting by herself. She listened intently to the gospel and when the students were done presenting, chose to follow Jesus!

Tomorrow evening, we will board an overnight bus to our final city, Trujillo. Our day will be filled with packing and preparing to finish our ministry strong here in Peru. The team only has three more days of drama ministry. We can’t believe that we are so close to the end, but we are rejoicing at the works we have seen while we have been here. That being said, since we are traveling in the evening, there is a good chance we will not be able to post an update tomorrow night. Please bear with us! We will resume posts as soon as we can!

We are specifically praising God for all He has done in this city and asking that He continue to work even after we leave. Please join us in praying that the Truth would reign in the city of Bagua and that God would be glorified constantly in this town.

Your CCs,

Jordan and Hannah

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