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Happy New Year from Nuevo Laredo!

Hello 2015!

We are very excited to spend time together tonight with our family in Nuevo Laredo to celebrate a New Year and celebrate the new life of many new brothers and sisters in Christ! We are so thankful for the well-being of our team and the unity in the Spirit this week. Today, the teams have been pouring encouragement into each other and lifting each other up in prayer as we traveled to our ministry sites this morning.

Team Courageous
We experienced Divine Encounters today as we went to a super market and found a person of peace to allow us to do the drama. We went, not knowing if we would be able to do so, and the team began to prayerwalk throughout the store as the leadership began talking to the security guard. This security guard helped us to find the right person to talk to and we waited for the store manager to return from running an errand. When the manager returned, the team had gathered to pray and the assistant manger asked if we could perform the drama. The manager replied, “Well, let’s go find a spot then!” We were thrilled to have another opportunity for a Divine Encounter and God moved mightily today in the lives of those we talked to!

Team Strong
Today the team learned that our disappointment was God’s divine appointment. First thing this morning we went to Wal-mart to present the drama, however God had other plans for us and they wouldn’t give us permission at that time. We ended up going to a very large grocery store where they allowed us do the drama twice! After we presented the drama, one of the ministry teams talked to a lady about the Gospel, and during the gospel she began to confess that she was a prostitute. Glory to God, she gave her life to Him, and the pastor was with team Strong to follow up with her to encourage her walk. One of our groups got to talk to a man who said he was a Christian. He then explained about his personal testimony. He has been through a lot of rough times. He described to us that he is very poor and that his spine is out of line. They can’t fix his spine because of difficulties so we just began to pray for healing for him. Even though he wasn’t healed (as far as we know) at that time, we have faith that Our God is the true healer, spiritually, and physically. He seemed to understand our answers to his many questions. So now we are continuing to pray for him that he truly does know the Lord.

This afternoon before we went shopping, both teams traveled together to a vacant dirt lot. Once we arrived, everyone gathered to receive a teaching from John 9. In this story from the Bible, we see Jesus as He teaches His disciple by example what He wants them to in His ministry after He is gone. The disciples had seen a blind man and asked Jesus why that man was blind. Jesus responded by saying that the man was blind so that the glory of God could be shown. Jesus then stooped down, scooped up some dust, and began to spit in it to make mud. Jesus did this to show the disciples that working in His ministry while following Him was going to be hard. It was going to require work. It was going to require sacrifice. To follow Christ meant that the disciples had to be prepared to get their hands dirty. After the teaching, each student reached down, scooped up some dirt, and began to spit into their hand to make a mud ball. When each student finished, he or she was encouraged and challenged to continue to follow the Lord faithfully and with all of their heart. They were challenged to get their hands dirty for Christ and for His Kingdom.

Tonight we celebrated the new year with one of our host churches, Bethezda, and ate a wonderful dinner together! Thank you all for your prayers, and we ask that you would continue praying as we finish our last day of ministry tomorrow!

Gloria a Dios!

Team Strong
Colby & Gerri

Team Courageous
Jacey & Becky

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