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Happy In Mexico

The Journey:

As the team gathered early in the morning to make their journey to Mexico there was a sense of family in the air. Many of the students have served on the mission field before; the first timers quickly became a part of the Awe Star family as we made our way from Tulsa to Piedras Negras, Mexico.

 The drivers encountered some treacherous roads as we traveled through the bottom part of Oklahoma all the way south of Dallas. Who would had ever thought you would see a white Christmas in Dallas? But our skilful drivers took it slowly while we all hummed “Jesus, take the wheel.” From Dallas to Austin the traffic was stop and go, as the hours added on, our intention turned to crossing the bridge into Mexico.


The team got a much needed rest last night and had hot showers this morning. The only complaint we have had since we been here was the showers are too hot. I thought I have heard it all but this is a first; a student complaining the showers were too hot.  Today the missionaries will begin to train for sharing the gospel through Bible story telling through the Freedom presentation.


We will get some pictures posted soon and show you some of the surrounding scenery. Continue to pray for the students as they are working on their testimonies, memorizing scriptures, and learning their part in the drama Freedom. Pray for continued health.  Pray for warmer weather.  Pray for the Lord of the Harvest to draw people to him and join us in giving all praise and glory to the Lord for our safe arrival.


Hasta Luego!


Mexico team Leaders,

Gerri Smith

Zach Smith

Mike Lehew

Meridith Ingram

Walker Moore


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