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Happy 4th of July!!!

Today we are celebrating Independence Day by resting.  This morning, the team slept in, and then for lunch we had an American meal:  McDonald’s.  While we are enjoying entering into the Venezuelan culture, it is nice every once in a while to have a familiar taste.  After lunch, we spent some time just hanging out together at a park.

Yesterday was our last day of ministry here in Acarigua.  We had the opportunity to work with three different churches.  There were many churches in this area who expressed interest in working with us, but there was not enough time for each one to have their own day.

The first church we went to has been in existence for three years.  The pastor shared with us that it was a very challenging area to work in; the people just have harder hearts.  When we arrived at the church, our students went out in their ministry teams to the surrounding areas to invite people to come.  Many children showed up because school had been cancelled due to the hard rain that morning.  (Our team had heard of snow days before, but never has school been cancelled for rain days.)  Many of these children accepted Jesus as a result of being out of school and having the opportunity to come to the presentation.  What are the odds?

The last church we worked with was the Iglesia Bautista de Luz y Vida (Light and Life).  This church is the home of three of our teammates.  When our bus pulled up to the church, people had lined the sidewalks of both sides of the street waiting for our coming.  As we exited, cheers arose from the crowd.  We were ushered into the church, people having lined the aisles to greet us as we headed for the stage.  The pastor began the service with prayer, and everyone knelt to ask for the Lord’s blessing on the evening.  Only after the prayer did people take seats, and when we blinked, every chair was full in the church, which held about three hundred people.  It was an awesome time sharing with this church!  After we did the drama and spent time ministering, they had their young people come up and share some songs that they mimed, as well as worshipped together.  The pastor is so incredible and enthusiastic!  We will be returning to this church our final night in Venezuela for a baptism service, which we are very eager to have the opportunity to share with them in this celebration.

Tomorrow morning we will be leaving for Barquisimeto, which will be the last city that we stay in while we are here in Venezuela.  Please pray for us to continue to focus on the task at hand.  Please pray that we will have renewed energy tomorrow after our day of rest.

Your Country Coordinators,

Kenny & Whitney

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