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Greater Things are Yet to Come

What a fantastic first day of ministry! We are started out with a delicious breakfast of pancakes and then talked about how Jesus + nothing = everything. Then we were joined by our incredible translators. Because we have worked with many of them before, it was such a sweet reunion!

Team Amor (Love) ministered in a packed pulga (marketplace) this morning. Many people heard, and many people accepted! After our first drama, one of the ministry groups met a woman who was overjoyed with the message of Christ. She too was a believer and was thrilled for what we were doing in her city. At the second drama site within the pulga, a sweet older woman in a wheelchair came to know Christ. Oh, what goodness! From there we headed to a home where we were asked to pray over a sick woman. When we walked in, we saw that she was in a wheelchair. As we prayed for her, she began to weep. She has been sick for so long but was so thankful for our prayers. She didn’t want us to leave.

This afternoon, we traveled a little ways to a colonia. We prayerwalked and invited people to come to the drama. As we performed, more and more people came to see. As the students were out ministering, more people came, so we ended up performing in that same place once again! One of the people that came to know Christ at this site was Lupita. The translator came over and said “She wants to open her heart to Jesus.”

Finally, we headed to a church where we set up to perform the drama outside. During the drama, a man in a blue T-shirt drove up on a bike. Later, after talking and rejoicing with him, we found out that ten years ago, he saw the “Freedom” drama while he was in prison.  Now he has a relationship with Christ and is serving in his local church! One of our ministry teams talked with a woman on a bench. At first she was very hesitant, but as the Gospel was shared further and deeper she came to complete openness. She accepted Christ with all genuineness.

Team Esperanza (Hope) had a great day. After breakfast this morning we loaded up and traveled about an hour and a half away to another town. When we arrived we had the opportunity to present the drama twice in a pulga. The Lord drew many people to himself as the students shared to the people watching the drama.

A group of our students was led to talk to a group of four ladies. Halfway through the conversation, they stopped the team and said they wanted to ask Christ into their lives. They didn’t need any further explanation–they knew their need for a Savior. Once the group finished leading these ladies to Christ, one of the ladies explained that she knew the mayor of the city and could help get further drama sites and help the team move further into the city to share the Gospel.  What an amazing experience!

Another group went and talked with a lady in a wheelchair.  She has had three heart attacks, is paralyzed, and cannot speak.  Her family members take care of her 24/7.  She cannot do anything for herself.  She gave her life to Christ, and the students encouraged her and prayed over her for healing with the hope that there will be a day where there will be no more paralysis and no more pain.  She wept for joy and had such an incredible faith.

Please continue to pray that the teams would have continued unity, health, and that the Lord would continue to draw people to Himself.

Your Team Leaders,

Mike & Gerri

Rex & Meridith

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response to Greater Things are Yet to Come

  • Jake and Robyn Carey says:

    The more I read the updates and see the pictures the more excited I get for all the experience that Hayley is getting. Her mother and I miss her terribly but are very humbled at the opportunity that God has given her to be part of such an amazing trip. We are praying for her and for the rest of the team as often as the Lord brings you to our minds, and can’t wait to hear all the amazing stories once you guys return!

    Hayley we love you so much, remember my life verse…Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understandings, in all your way acknowledge him and he will direct your path! Prov 3:5-6

    Dad and Mom

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