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Gozo (Joy)

Yesterday was an amazing day. In the morning we went back to the school from the day before, but we were able to talk to the elementary age students. We enjoyed singing and sharing stories with them. At the end we presented the Gospel to them and many kids raised their hands cause they desired a relationship with Christ. At the end the teachers took the students to their classrooms to talk to them even more about this.

In the afternoon we went back for our last day in El Mirador. This time when we went we took jackets, hats and gloves, and a few shoes for the people. During the women’s ministry they had all the people stand who have accepted Christ over the last few days 20+ stood. What a great thing to see!

Over the last few days the team has noticed two boys, one didn’t have shoes, the other boy had broken flip flops held together by wire. We took the boys aside and were able to fit them both with a pair of shoes. The biggest smile came across their face. They couldn’t stop smiling and ran home so they could put the shoes on.

Please pray that a church can be established in this city for these believers.

Peru Team

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