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Good Morning

FBC LebanonThe team is up and everyone is doing their quiet times while I try to fix our picture updates. I hope to have more pictures up and everything going by the end of the day.  (If you go to Facebook and look at “Walker Dean Moore,” the group picture is posted there.)

Today we will be presenting the gospel at one of the largest universities in Panama. Pray for the students to have boldness and pray for the Lord of the harvest to bring forth workers.

Above all, LOVE!

Walker Moore

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2 response to Good Morning

  • Rebecca Baugher says:

    Yay!!! So excited for how God is going to work through you today! Love you all! Our prayers for you are unceasing….

    Oh, and happy birthday to Anna! Hope you have an awesome day doing Jesus’ ministry. 🙂

  • The Browns, Lebanon says:

    AWE Some!!! WE are praying with you every day! Stay strong, and we hope all is well!!

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