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God’s Gifts of Grace

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Panama 14 is watching the truth of Jesus’ high priestly prayer unfold before our eyes: “That they all may be one . . . that the world may believe that thou has sent me” (John 17:21). God is allowing our team to grow in unity and love, and as we do, we are seeing more and more people come to know Christ.

This morning, the team woke up refreshed to a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausage, and delicious Panamanian fry bread. We are so blessed by our cook, Mirna, and her niece, who make sure we have the food we need each day. After breakfast, we loaded onto our bus and traveled through some heavy traffic to our first drama site, a small village named Chechebre.

We walked in to the drama site, a church pastored by Julio, Walker’s bus driver friend mentioned in yesterday’s update. Our fabulous team directors split us into groups, each of which went with a translator to invite people to the drama. In this community populated by squatters, none of the homes has running water, and most consist of crude wooden walls with corrugated metal roofs.

Warm, welcoming people greeted us at every home, however, and many came with us to the drama site. The students again gave their all in the presentation of “Freedom,” their costumes bearing the marks of the red Panamanian dust as Jesus was thrown down before his crucifixion and good and evil knights battled for the souls of the people of the land. A number of children as well as adults watched this drama, and several prayed to receive Christ.

After what is becoming our favorite lunchtime entrée of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, we took another hike to a large soccer field at the other end of the village. Despite the heat and humidity, the students again gave their all toward their presentation. Today, two students gave their testimonies at each drama site, so before long, all will have had the opportunity to share their personal experience of coming to know Christ. The team did a great job of engaging the audience, which again included many children. Those watching screamed as the scary dragon (Satan and his demons) jumped out at them and later cheered at the joyful resurrection of Jesus. Please join us in asking God that today’s ministry bear fruit in His time and that each of these little ones will one day have a genuine relationship with Him.

The small village dotted with banana trees where we gave our third presentation of the day had a very appropriate name: Benediciones de Dios (“Blessings of God”). Once again, we split into groups and walked through the dirt streets to invite all to attend. Hot and thirsty after our trek in the hot Panamanian sun, the team was delighted to see CCs Walker and Becky approaching with a cart filled with a special treat: a bottle of Gatorade and an ice cream treat for each student. After the drama, where our unity and renewed energy resulted in more power for service, one ministry team went to speak with the ice-cream vendor. What we believe was one of his best sales days is now his spiritual birthday as well.

We ended our day with a welcome spaghetti dinner and inspiring after-dinner worship by the Awe Star praise band. Since a previous Awe Star band is now known as MercyMe, we have great hopes for the future of this group of young leaders. We also heard a teaching on Dangerous Prayer and spent time reviewing our day as a team and in our MOM and POP groups.

Right now, the students are preparing for another night of welcome rest. Tomorrow, we will attend La Comunidad Bible Church, one of our ministry partners here in Panama City, and look forward to afternoon ministry on the busy avenue known as Cinco de Mayo. We ask for your prayers for strength and endurance as well as for continued growth in unity that the world—which is truly represented in Panama City as thousands visit for tomorrow’s opening of the expanded Panama Canal.

We cherish your prayers so much!
Panama 14 Day Leadership

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response to God’s Gifts of Grace

  • Renee Hudgins says:

    Hello sweet Mya and Cora. Just letting you and the team know that I love you, and I am praying for you. I’m certain the people of Panama are receiving many blessings because of your willingness to share Christ’s love. Many times you may feel discouraged and get tired, but remember our Lord Is with you to give you strength. You can do all things through Him. May God protect and bless you. Hugs and kisses, Granna

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