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God’s Divine Appointment

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Buenas Noches!

Today our wonderful and hard-working country coordinators got a well-deserved day off, so this update is coming to you from team directors Melanie and Garrett.

The morning began with a special treat, a delicious sweet bread given to us by the mom of one of our dear translators. The Panamanian people continually amaze us with their graciousness, and the bread was a delicious accompaniment to our pancakes and eggs. After breakfast we headed off to Veracruz, a small town located about 20 minutes away from Panama City. It was a joy to spend our morning with Iglesia Cuadrangular de Veracruz. After joining them in worship and prayer, the students performed the drama for the church. The response of the church to the gospel presentation warmed our hearts, and reminded us that we all need the gospel daily, no matter who we are.

For the next site we got back on the bus and headed outside a grocery store to do ministry. However, this area, which is usually very popular, was deserted. Hoping for more opportunities elsewhere, and trusting that our disappointment would be God’s divine appointment, we headed to a soccer court. Immediately the students began engaging with the numerous kids that were in the area, and we quickly drew a crowd. After performing the drama under a light sprinkle, the students went out to the people and began to share the gospel. Two of the groups spoke to big clusters of children and we saw the Lord do incredible things. When they asked who wanted to receive Christ, dozens of tiny Panamanian hands were raised and then our students led them in prayer. Our other ministry teams went elsewhere to talk to more of the onlookers from afar. One of our students spoke to a mother of a few of the children and saw her surrender her heart to follow Christ. What a joy it is that now she will be able to lead her children and grow with them together. Gloria a Dios!

Today in Panama was Dia del Niño, a day dedicated to celebrating children. The team was given a great opportunity to go to a festival at a local soccer field with more than 500 people in attendance. The students prayed and prepared their hearts for the ministry that was to occur shortly thereafter. The scent of popcorn filled the air while various bounce-houses were being set up. By the grace of God, one of the men in charge of the event was not only a friend of our translators but a believer. He set us up with the sound system and worked the schedule so that we could perform a drama without intruding on a soccer game. The students performed the drama for a huge crowd of children, parents, and locals out enjoying the festivities. Hearts were opened to the gospel and we saw many come to know him.

The next drama we performed, however, did not happen with ease. Immediately after the previous drama had finished, the students began sensing spiritual warfare. The enemy did not want us to continue ministry, and several students began feeling very discouraged at the hearts that were hardened to the gospel. But, thankfully, we serve a God who has overcome the enemy. We went on to perform a second drama at the soccer field. Although the crowd was smaller than the last, the message of hope was proclaimed throughout the festival. One of our students who had felt particularly discouraged got to aid in leading a woman to Christ and was moved to tears at the result.

After this we headed back to Casa Blanca in Panama City, but not without the gift of hot dogs and delicious juice from friends from the church. We were so blessed by their hospitality. The students enjoyed arroz con pollo for dinner, cooked by the ever-so-lovely Tia Mirna. After a time of worship, the students enjoyed playing hide-and-go-seek throughout the house. Laughter and fun was had by all.

Tomorrow is our last day of drama ministry in Panama. This trip has flown by, and we have seen the Lord do incredible things. Please pray for the team as they go out tomorrow and give everything they have. We believe the Lord has the power to perform miracles and we will step out in faith as a team.

In Christ,

Panama 35-Day Team Directors, Melanie and Garrett

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