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God of these Cities!

This morning we woke up to a view of the mountains. On the mountains is a trail. The trail has figures of Jesus carrying the cross, and at the top are three crosses. Many people here think the life of Jesus stops there. We look forward to telling them the WHOLE story.

After we woke up, we walked to breakfast and passed out tracts as we went. Many people stopped and started reading them right away. Many are so hungry to hear. After breakfast we had a devotion.

This afternoon, we went to see the places where we will be working. Pacasmayo was a city some members of the team started working in 10 years ago, and we haven’t been there in 4 years. Ciudad de Dios has changed a lot over the past 10 years. The first year, we prayerwalked, asking God to provide a place for a church. The second year, we met in a teacher’s house. The third year, the church was finally able to get a building. Over the years we watched the church grow. Now, after four years, we’ve returned to find the church has expanded even more.

Tomorrow morning, we’ll go knock on doors and hand out tracts in all three cities. In the afternoon we will start Bible school, Women’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, and sharing with the men.

We have already seen how God has been moving in these cities and we look forward to joining in the work tomorrow. Please continue to pray that we stay healthy, happy, and hydrated. Pray for unity of the team, for the people we come into contact with, and the work God is going to do.

Peru Mission Team

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