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God is Able

What a full day we have had! And our hearts are overflowing because of the Lord’s faithfulness!

This morning we went to two schools. The first was an elementary school. As we walked in we were greeted with many hugs and smiles. Some of the students we recognized from the church, which was a sweet surprise. After the drama, one of our ministry groups went to a group of adults. As one of our students finished sharing the gospel, an adult spoke up and said she spoke English. She became our impromptu translator! The gospel was shared again more clearly and deeply. Four adults received Christ! Another ministry group went and shared with a large group of kids. Amidst that group of kids was a teacher. As the good news was explained, the kids became more excited and enthusiastic. It was so evident that the Holy Spirit was working on the teacher’s heart as well. She and many of the kids came to know Christ! It was such a beautiful time!

The second school we went to this morning was a technical school. The audience was much older. Our team was able to connect with these students as the related to their stages of life. One of our ministry teams felt led to go over to a group of guys in white jackets. As they began conversing with them, they soon found out that they were in training to be dentists. They were so attentive and interested in what we were sharing. They too all accepted the Lord! We are so thankful to be reaping the Harvest. We know that it’s an honor to be a part of so many salvations. We are humbled because He doesn’t need us, but chooses us. All Glory be to Him to is more than able!

We traveled to Chepen this afternoon and had a delicious dinner of chicken and fries. We are very excited to start drama ministry here and in the surrounding areas! Please join us in prayer for endurance and perseverance to finish strong as this is our last drama ministry city, for continued health, deeper growth, transformations, and selfless faith. Thank you for your persistent prayers! We are thrilled at the thought that we have so many people rejoicing with us! For greater things are yet to come!

By His Grace,

Tyler & Meridith

Team Directors

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