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God in the City

(Tuesday, June 26)

The New Hope team is back from another day of ministry, smiling and sweaty! 

Back on the market street called Cinco de Mayo, the team weaved through crowds of people to “set the stage” for the drama. The team gathered sizable audiences at each of the day’s six drama sites along the street. With attitudes of worship, the group members shared their faith with boldness.

A man who met the team while we were on Cinco de Mayo a couple days ago had rejected the message of the Gospel, but his heart changed when he saw the drama again today. God opened his eyes and he asked some of the students to pray with him to receive Christ.

Praise God that this man is just one of many who have turned to Jesus today. 

We ask that you keep us in your prayers as we head to the University of Panama in the morning and a poor neighborhood in the afternoon. Pray for malleable hearts in those watching and prayerful focus in the team.

With love,

Steph and Daniel

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2 response to God in the City

  • Chad Thompson says:

    So thankful that God has all authority…even over the walls that we put up. Praying for more encounters set up by God.

  • Lauren Prewett says:

    Hey guys!
    Just wanted to let you know how proud I am of you guys! It is so neat to see all the pictures and read about the impact y’all are making for the Lord! Will continue to pray for safety, opportunities to share Christ, and for the people in Panama. Miss y’all and stay safe!

    Lauren Prewett

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