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Glory to God!

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What a day the Lord has blessed us with. We started our day with an early breakfast of huevos and cheese quesadillas.

Team Navidad left at 8 a.m. to share the drama with our sister church, Bethezda. After sharing the drama, we as a team had the opportunity to serve breakfast to homeless immigrants.

After a round of peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat (lunch), we then traveled to a market in a colonia. Our students had an opportunity to share the gospel with Martha, a lady who had been used in human trafficking at a young age. She explained to our students that for her whole life, she was told she was worth nothing. Our students explained that she matters to God and is her Father’s favorite child. Martha accepted Christ and already had plans to start a ministry out of her house. GLORY TO GOD that he placed us there at the moment where our students could speak the love of Christ into sweet Martha.

Next we stopped at an S-Mart (Grocery Store) to use the banos, but the store ended up being where God had placed us to perform our next drama. We got permission from the manager and had many stories of people coming to know the Lord. Colby got to see a man he met six years ago here who was an alcoholic and helped lead to Christ who had been living for the Lord ever since. This was a joyous reunion!

For our last mission site we made our way to a plaza in the middle of Nuevo Laredo, found a beautiful gazebo to perform near, and met a group of newspaper reporters. They interviewed Haley, took pictures of the drama, and will be writing an article in the paper by Saturday. After this drama, our students went out with such heart and power and told people about the gospel. The Lord used their strong hearts to bring many people to His name!

After the other team left, Team Feliz spent time talking about our quiet times in small group. Then we left to go to a pulga. It is always so exciting to see the students’ enthusiasm as they go out and share the gospel with people.  We then went to another spot in the same pulga. As the drama started suddenly several cars started to block many peoples’ view of the drama. However that didn’t stop the people from stopping and watching. Several people even directed the traffic to get the cars out of their view.

We then joined Team Navidad for lunch. It was exciting to fellowship for a few minutes with the other team. After lunch Walker did a quick teaching, and then we were headed out for more ministry.

We went to a small neighborhood where they are working on starting a church. The students went out with their ministry teams to invite people to come. A little while later the students started returning and each group had children following them, then shortly later their parents did also.  God is doing a mighty work in this neighborhood!

Our last drama we went to another neighborhood not very far away. The plaza we went to had a soccer field, basketball court, and playgrounds. After the drama was over and the students were out ministering, one group began talking to a lady. She was a Christian but she was having problems with her arm and couldn’t move it. As the students began to pray for her she slowly had the ability to bend her arm. What a GLORIOUS GOD we serve!

The teams then all joined together for dinner and fellowship, then more teaching from Walker before getting snug in their beds.

Please continue to pray for continued health, that the teams would continue to grow in unity, and that God would continue to do great things.

Thank you for your prayers!

Your CCs,

Colby & Haley

David & Gerri

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