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From the Streets of Cinco de Mayo

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Hola todos! (Hello Everyone!)

Wow! Today has been a day filled with excitement and readiness to go and share with the people of Panama. We were able to get a great nights rest here at the White House in Panama City last night and a good breakfast this morning. As we were preparing to go and do Jesus’s Ministry, Pastor Luciano spoke encouragement to the team through God’s word and prayed over their ministry today.

The team explored the streets of Cinco de Mayo as they were placed in divine encounters by God’s grace! One of our students began to tell us that they were speaking to a man in bondage to alcohol. The man refused to hear about the freedom Christ brings, but the student was reminded of one of their family members that have gone through a similar situation. As the man continued to listen, the tears came forth as he realized he was not far from the gift Christ gives us and surrendered his life to Christ! Gloria a Dios!

Tonight as we prepare for dinner, the team over and over again has expressed the amazing stories that God has shown them today as people have been encouraged and many now are welcomed in the family of God! The students have been thrilled to go and share with everyone they come in contact with and love being able to be a part of ministry!

Tomorrow we will be leaving the Jungles of Ipeti and will be there until Tuesday morning. We are excited to go and serve the Darien Tribe and share many stories! We cherish your prayers and encouragements, they are definitely being felt.

We look forward to telling you all that God is doing in Panama!

Your Panama 14 Day CC’s
Walker and Becky

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