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From the Cold to the Heat

Good morning from Tingo Maria!

Yesterday we arrived safely in the town of Tingo Maria after a several-hour bus ride. The first thing that is noticed here, besides the beautiful scenery, is the heat and humidity. Compared to the colder climate of Huanuco, it is quite a difference. But we are all excited to get to see the different environments of Peru! Back in Huanuco, the mountains are very tall and rocky. Here in Tingo Maria, the mountains are smaller and covered in lush green vegetation. 

After relaxing for a bit from our journey here, we heard Walker’s teaching on the orphan heart. Even those who have heard this teaching  in past years said that they still learn something new from it every time they hear it. Following the teaching, we headed to dinner before doing our first drama here in Tingo Maria. As the sun went down, the air cooled wonderfully, and the people began to come out to the plazas and streets. Many already heard the truth and prayed to accept Christ, and it was just Day One in this town! Gloria a Dios! We are all excited in anticipation for all of what the Lord has planned here in Tingo Maria. 

Thank you for your prayers as we traveled yesterday. Please continue to be praying for each of the students as we are here in Tingo Maria and for the ministry that will be done. 

Your Country Coordinators, 

Steen & Rebecca

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