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From School to Jungle

Monday, 22 July


As the team stepped off the bus this morning, little faces peered out of the slats in the green and yellow concrete walls at one of Panama City’s large public schools. Covered walkways connected several buildings where students fled their desks to gawk at the strangers. The team gathered in the gymnasium, and waited for gym class to end. The administration slowly brought classes of kindergarten, first grade, and second grade students into the gym, filling up the bleachers. After engaging the kids with the wave and some dancing, the team shared their testimonies and performed the drama with enthusiastic crowd participation. The team then walked the students through the story of the gospel and invited them to pray for salvation. (It’s truly a blessing to hear hundreds of tiny voices whisper over tiny clasped hands “Gacias, Dios, por tu amor,” “Thank you, God, for your love”). The students filed out, hugging and high-fiving the team. A small group of older elementary students came next, and gave the drama a similar yet slightly less ear-piercing response. Despite the new restrictions placed on public schools here in Panama, hundreds of students were able to hear about the love of Christ and the personal relationship they are able to have with God through his son.


After lunch, the team boarded the bus en route to the Gamboa rainforest outside the city. A quick boat ride across a lake and the team was cresting the hill in the village of San Antonio. The students took a walking tour through the jungle to see some of the local wildlife, as well as the type of tree used for the cross Walker Moore and a small team are carrying to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro in two weeks. In a tender ceremony, the Kilimanjaro mission was prayed over in four languages: Spanish, Embera, Kuna, and English. In a true act of celebration, the women of the village performed a dance for their visitors. Then the members of the village signed a piece of the cross, so Walker can take his Panamanian family with him to the summit.


The day was a day of joy as many hearts were turned to Christ and many others were encouraged in the faith. The team has grown in unity and passion, eager for each step of ministry. Please continue praying for their focus and stamina.


With overwhelming gratitude to God for his faithfulness,


Steph and Daniel


Country Coordinators

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2 response to From School to Jungle

  • Marti Pieper says:

    In awe of God’s work.
    And still in awe of your skill with the updates, Steph!

    Continuing in prayer for all.

  • Maryjt says:

    This is a fascinating and exciting story of openness to the gospel and beautiful responses, but is there any follow up that will be able to take place for all these young Christians?

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