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From 4 to 17

Today was our next to last full day of drama ministry.  The churches in this particular city have been really amazing.  The church we worked with this morning is pastored by a man who attended Awe Star’s iGo conference this last November.  Several of our students remember attending his breakout session, and it was really incredible to see us reconnect on his side of the world.

One of the sites we had the opportunity to perform at was on a main street that looked like a picture out of New York.  A crowd surrounded our students on all sides as they performed the drama.  Afterwards, one team went out to minister.  They shared with one group of people, and many accepted Christ.  After those people left, another group surged forward, and our students were able to share again.  These people accepted Christ.  Once those left, another wave of people approached our students and asked why they were there.  Excitedly, they shared again with this group.  The students were amazed at how God continued to bring these people to them.  Thank you for praying for divine appointments!

We were in the Plaza Bolivar this morning, and people were scattered throughout the plaza enjoying a leisurely Saturday.  As we played music over the loudspeaker, people began to draw near, curious about this group dressed so oddly.  During the drama, the crowd continued to grow until about a hundred people were watching.  After the drama, one of our students was returning the microphone to the team directors, and he glanced up and noticed four men standing off to the side.  He headed for these men and started sharing the Gospel.  He focused on these men as he talked, not really noticing others crowding around him.  In the end, he realized that seventeen people responded to the Gospel.  This student was so excited as God had started with four but drew seventeen to Himself.

Thank you for praying for us on our journey.  Please pray for us tomorrow as the leaders will be preaching in the local churches.  Please pray that God will communicate His message across the language barriers that exist.  Please pray for continued unity and focus as we finish our time here.

Your Country Coordinators,

Kenny & Whitney

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