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Friendly Farewells

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Hola a Todos!

This morning, we woke up energized and refreshed for the last day of drama ministry in Huanuco. Not only was it the last day of ministry in Huanuco, but it was also the last day we have the privilege to work with Pastor Tito. After Tito said a few words, the team got an opportunity to pray over him and for his family. We were also able to present him with a love offering. We are all very thankful for Tito and all the hard work he did before and during the trip to help us out.

After the team said our goodbyes, we left for the first drama site. At that site, one of the ministry teams played volleyball with several young girls. When they had finished their game, they invited them to the drama. All of the girls came, got to hear the Gospel, and all of them decided to start a relationship with God! This was an incredible example of “engaging” with the people, which the students have been working on all summer. It was also an incredible example of the way God draws people to Himself.

At the final site, one of the ministry teams was sharing with a group after the drama, and a man who was off to the side got the attention of one of the students. One of the missionaries had given the man a tract, and he had read it. When the student approached him, he had tears rolling down his face and was pointing to a phrase in the tract that talked about hope. He so desperately wanted hope, but not just any hope–only the hope that Jesus can give.

We arrived back at the hotel to spend some time in fellowship. We also gave the students time to pack so they will be ready for the journey we have to Tingo Maria tomorrow morning. The team is excited to move to a new place and do some more ministry. Please be praying for safe travel and for the ministry that God has for us there.

Your TDs,

HannahKate & Kennan


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