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Friday-Drama Training

Good Morning friends and family!

Hope and Peace….this is our prayer this week as we bring the Good News of the Gospel
to Nuevo Laredo this week.  With this purpose we have two teams–Team Paz (Peace) and
Team Esperanza (Hope) that will go into all parts of Nuevo Laredo to share this peace and
hope through Jesus Christ.

Our students woke up this morning in ancipation of doing Jesus Ministry through
the Freedom Drama.  They ate a healthy breakfast followed by an incredible message by
Chad Thompson in Luke 2 on laying down their adolescence and taking up there purpose
of being young adults who will take the Gospel to Nuevo Laredo and back home.

Please pray for our teams as they learn the Freedom Drama today.  Tonight, we will be
going to a local church for dinner.

To view today´s pictures, click on the link below

Your Country Coordinators,

Colby and Meridith (Team Esperanza)

Mike and Gerri (Team Paz)

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response to Friday-Drama Training

  • Lindsey says:

    I pray for excitement and boldness for you all as you share the hope of Jesus with the people of Nuevo Laredo! I pray that they have open hearts and many come to know our Hope and Peace! Praying for you all!

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