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Freedom is Here!

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Our morning began with sweet fellowship over breakfast and then a time of worship. We are so thankful for the unity the Lord has given between the teams and as one team!

This morning, the Lord opened the door for Team Amor to present at two supermarkets. At the first , one of our ministry teams was able to talk with a Mormon man. They explained the Gospel, answered his questions, and encouraged him. Will you join us in praying for his salvation? Many came to know the Lord at this site! At the second supermarket, the Lord opened hearts like none other. Multiple ministry teams talked with large groups of young people who came to know Jesus! One young man who gave his life to Christ used to be a Catholic and was thrilled about starting a personal relationship with Christ. This afternoon we went to “Barrio para Cristo,” a rehab center for people who are dealing with drug and alcohol addictions. We presented the drama right outside the center. The team went out and invited people, and a crowd started to form. After an incredible performance of the drama, the team went out and shared. One ministry team met a man named David who said he could never be good enough for Jesus and His salvation. He said he has done so many bad things that God never love him. The students encouraged him and explained to him that God loves us so much that while we were yet still sinners, Christ died for us (Romans 5:8). They prayed over him and gave him a tract. Will you join us in praying for David that he will come to know the love of Christ? Another ministry team met a man, Jose, who used to live in Dallas. One of the students shared his testimony with Jose, and he came to know Christ! At our last site, a large group of children prayed to surrender his life to Christ. Hearing their sweet and genuine prayers was such a beautiful glimpse of heaven. What a blessed day! He is mighty to save!

Team Esperanza had the opportunity to go to the prison today.  We were able to present the drama three times, and many men surrendered their lives to Jesus.  During our second drama after the invitation, one man came forward to surrender to Christ out of the many who watched.  The students watched in anticipation for other men to step forward, yet a minute went by with this one man standing alone.  By the time we were finished giving the net (explanation of the Gospel), other men stepped forward.  The students were encouraged by this one man as he was willing to stand alone for Jesus. Thankfully, others followed his lead. The prisoners were challenged afterwards to share their decision with other inmates.  We were proud of our young men on our team as they boldly encouraged, challenged, and ministered to the men. Today, freedom through Christ came to the prison in Nuevo Laredo.

We also met a young man, Angel, and were able to pray over him.  Angel grew up in the ministry of our local contact in Nuevo Laredo.  Angel was sent to prison, and there is a great possibility that he could spend many years behind bars.  Our team surrounded him with encouragement and prayer. He had surrendered his life to Christ only two weeks earlier. Would you please pray with us for Angel?

Many more stories could be told of all that God has done today.  Your students are anxiously waiting to share their stories with you.  Some of them have led someone to Jesus for the first time ever on this trip.  Thank you for sending your students to be the salt and light to the community of Nuevo Laredo.

Your Country Coordinators,

Walker, Mike, and Gerri

Rex and Meridith



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