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Pastor’s Recommendation

All students will need to provide a pastor’s recommendation form to Awe Star before the application process can be completed. This form can be completed below.

Applican'ts Name:
Applicant’s Home Phone #: () -
Country of Choice:
Pastor's Name:
Church Name:
Church Phone: () -
Church Address:
Pastor's E-Mail:
Contact Preference:
Best Time to Call:
Length of time you have known the applicant:
How well do you know the applicant?:
Respect for Authority:
Spiritual Life:
Work Ethic:
Is Irritable:
Is Depressed:
Is Dishonest:
Fails to follow through:
Is the applicant active in your church?: YesNo
If yes, in what areas of ministry?:
To your knowledge, has the applicant had a salvation experience?: YesNo
Are you aware of any issues in the applicant’s life that would disqualify him or her as a Summer missionary?: YesNo
If yes, please explain:
To your knowledge, does the applicant use tobacco, alcohol or illegal substances, or has used then in the past?: YesNo
Do you have any reason to doubt that the applicant is of high moral character?: YesNo
If yes, please explain:
Do you have confidence in the applicant’s abilities as a student missionary?: YesNo
If no, please explain:
Based upon my knowledge, the above named applicant is:
If the applicant is over 18 years old and is applying for leadership, I would:

By clicking the button below, you are signifying all answers are given to the best of your knowledge.

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