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For the Children

(Tuesday, 24 July 2013)

With hearts intentionally prepared for a day of tough ministry in the city of Colon (accent over the second “o;” pronounced like “cologne”), the team entered the first school with anticipation and attitudes of prayer. They worshipped and prayed together on the bus from Panama City to Colon, about an hour with traffic. With the confidence of Christ, the team walked in power. In the Methodist chapel attached to the school, little children in their dark green and white uniforms lined the oaken pews. The dragon roared up the aisle and the kids clapped and cheered along with the music of the sword fights. After the drama, the team broke into groups with the children to discuss the drama and present the gospel. They did this once again after performing the drama for an older group of students. One student sat clasping hands with a team member long after the drama was over; God had done a work in her heart, and she–along with many of her other classmates–were longing for knowledge of the Christ. 

Our God who has all authority over Heaven and Earth deemed it best for our afternoon plans to change. So back on the bus again, the team prayed for God to open the doors of another school for us. Well, he opened the doors of two more (public) schools! The courtyard of the second school stretched in front of the team, white concrete reflecting the sun. Pockets of giggling kids stood before the team, girls twisting skirts about their knees and boys looking tough…if standing behind their friends. Sitting Indian style in the middle of rings of kids, the team’s ministry groups shared their testimonies and the Gospel. After playing with the kids for a while, the team walked across the street to another primary school where children piled in rows on the group floor and leaned over the wall on the second floor to watch the drama. To account for the children above, the team presented a large gospel presentation after the drama, leading the crowd in a prayer of salvation. 

We rejoice in today’s victories over darkness. Continue to pray for the team as they minister in the poor community of Cali. 


Steph and Daniel

Country Coordinators

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