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Fixing the Broken

Hello, Readers! Today, we planned to start off our ministry at a school. However, once we arrived at the school, we were informed that we weren’t scheduled to perform the drama for another hour. You know what they say around here! We are not flexible; we are fluid. We began to search for a location to perform a different drama while we had extra time. Our leadership team decided not to waste any amount of time that could be used to further the kingdom, so we began to look for a location that would allow our students to quickly minister. We found a small spot right outside of a restaurant with only a couple people there to watch, but the Father placed us there for a specific reason.

After the drama, some of our students went into a small restaurant and began to minister to a woman  who was watching the drama from inside. First, a female student began to speak to the woman, and the students noticed that God was moving in her heart as they spoke about the story of our risen King. As the girl continued to pour into the woman, she became very emotional from hearing what Jesus did for her. The girl began to tell the lady how Satan tempts us with drugs and alcohol. The woman then told the students about how she was addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Then,one of our male students, with a past life that related very closely to the woman, began to explain how Jesus had carried him through his sins. Once she heard this, she began to look at the student with tears in her eyes and said that she didn’t think she would be able to overcome her addictions. The student then explained that he too had troubles with dealing with his past, but he was able to look to the cross and focus on Christ for help and she could too. The students were fortunate to be used by the creator of the universe and pray with the woman to receive Christ as her Savior.

Unfortunately, we had to move on to our next scheduled drama site, so the students had to leave the woman behind. Thankfully, one of our translators stayed behind to give more information to the woman and learn her story. She said that she had began to use drugs because her husband had cheated on her, but because she accepted Christ she told him that she was going to try very hard to fix her marriage and forgive him for what he had done. We serve a mighty God who continues to fix the broken. This is a story of redemption that is echoed throughout all of history.

During the day we continued to do dramas at schools and parks. We have been so blessed to add great numbers to the kingdom every day that we have done ministry, and we continue to rejoice as the angels would. We will not be able to update for the next 2 days because we will be traveling back to the jungle in a region called Gamboa to love on the people there. We hope that the Lord will continue to use us in mighty ways to show His glory. Prayers for safe travel and strength will be very important for the next few days. We appreciate all of you who have lifted us up to the throne. Your prayers are working!

Your CC’s,

Dustin and Meagann 


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12 response to Fixing the Broken

  • John Carpeter says:

    God is the ruler of all, not just those who love him. He
    loves all and uses his followers to show that love to the lost world. I knowyou are having the time of your life. I can’t wait to see you and be there with you. Till then I pray for you and pray that the Spirit be loosened in Panama. We love you Ally and are thankful for you and your servant heart. Love Dad

  • Ryan T Reach says:

    God’s love and purpose is so clear in what you are doing. It is always exciting to hear how God is using you all. Praying He will continue to guide your every move. Thank you for being so open and “fluid.”

    Praying for safe travel as you head to the jungle. I will miss being able to read your updates and being able to see the joy on your faces in the pictures.

    We love you, Kati!

  • Nikki Smith Reach says:

    Continuing to pray for you all so neat to hear how God is working. We will be praying for you as you travel to the jungle. Praying for safety as you travel and strength as you minister to the people.

    Kati – it has been so beat to see pictures of you. You look so happy and it looks like you are having fun. I am so proud of you. I love you. I pray you stay healthy and that God will use you to share His love with the people you come in contact with. Love you Mama.!

  • Patsy Anderson says:

    Will continue to pray for safe travels and strength. What a blessing you guys are and what timing and blessing for the lady you got to minister to. Our God is leading you guys to a new journey. Love you and all and so proud of you guys. Love uou Brady Lane.

  • Bellamy Looney says:

    So thankful for God’s perfect timing and the team’s fluidity. I know He will use you all in amazing ways for the remainder of your time in Panama. Praying for safe travels and more Divine appointment in the jungle. Continue to let your lights shine!

  • Matt Brown says:

    The Lord is amazing! I’m always overwhelmed how He draws people to The Cross and redeems them.

    Meagan, I love you sister! I hope you are learning to depend fully on The Lord as you walk daily with Him. Your heart is full of compassion for people and I believe Jesus has been using that gift in Panama. Continue to battle with love.

  • Mandy Park says:

    I am so sorry that i missed your call!!!! I just found out today that it was from you! We miss you and hope that you guys are having fun and touching tons of lives!

    BTW your youngest nephew, Daxton Blayne has been kicking so much! Skylar says Hi and he misses you soooooo much!! Love and miss you 🙂

  • Matt Brown says:

    We are praying for you all while your in the jungle. May his protection be your covering.

    Chris, I love you! The Lord has done an amazing work in your life. From rescuing you at birth untill now! You are walking out the plans He has for your life and it is an encouragement to those around you. Speak with clarity, walk in humility and flee from anything that might entangle you. Keep your eyes on the King! Love you

  • Morgan Bridgeford says:

    Wow I love hearing the amazing things that God is doing through this team. It brings me joy to hear the stories of How God is at work in Panama. Mya I’m glad I got to say a quick hello to you and I am praying for you sister, I’m so proud of the young woman you have become. I talk to your mom a lot and we are praying earnestly for this team. Meagan I miss you and I am so proud of you. Today mom and Jordyn went to church with me at Grace. It was a blessing to get them to come. We met a man named Dave and his wife Judy. They are praying for this team and were joyed to hear about the team and what they are doing in Panama. Meg Dusty says hello and that He is proud of you and what you are doing for God’s kingdom. I cant wait to hear about the amazing things God has done. I love you all and am continuing to pray for this team.

  • Angela Hudgins says:

    Mya, it was so good to hear your voice! I love you so much. I am very proud of you. I will be praying for the team as you spend the days in the jungle. Remember Mya to keep your eyes focused as you enter in the last part of the trip. You are an amazing young lady and don’t forget that. I’m continuing to pray for divine appointments, stronger unity for the team, strength, and patience. The picture of you and Kati is priceless. I love you and can’t wait to see you. Counting down the days but very excited to read what God is going to do in the days ahead. Keep focused!
    Emma, I’m so proud of you too. In some ways I can’t believe the trip is almost over and then on the other hand it seems like it has been a long time. I can’t wait to hear from you and what all God has done through you. Praying for strength and health in the last days of the trip. I love you
    Kati, Your smile is so contagious! I see the light of Christ through you. Thank you for sharing the love of Christ with others. When you get back, I can’t wait to read some of your thoughts that you will be posting. I know God has done amazing things. I’m praying for you in the jungle that you will have strength. Love ya.
    Meagan, I can’t wait to talk with you in person! Thank you for being a good friend to Mya. I’m praying for you in the days ahead that you will keep focused, have strength, and love on others. Proud of you. Love ya.

  • Larry Parish says:

    Hey group: With what you’ve done already, you must be pumped for the second half of your ministry. God give the team all your strength, power, and wisdom to contenue your work and bless them as they go out and witness to the lost. We love and miss you all. The weather has cooled some but no rain. As the days get closer to your return our hearts are filled with excitement. Bless you all and stay safe. Love Dad

  • John Carpeter says:

    Oh my goodness, your faces show of the Lord’s radiance! I am thrilled at the stories God is writing through your team and cannot wait to hear the many details of each one. I continue to pray for the hardest of hearts and also for strength, courage, and wisdom for the team. But, most of all I pray that each one of you dance with God – that you experience Him in such depth that you are left only with wanting more of Him. Ally, your call was a wonderful birthday surprise! I so enjoyed hearing your precious voice. Sky got to feel the baby move last night. Dad started the Daniel fast yesterday in preparation for ya’ll’s Panama trip, so we’re double praying around here. Ha! Want you to know I’m so proud of you. John 3:4 – “I have no greater joy then this, to hear of my children walking in the truth.” I believe God is pleased with you and with your team. I miss you and love you slightly less than Jesus:) xoxoxo

    Love Mom

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