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First Day of Ministry

Our team arrived in Panama last night on schedule and made it through customs without any delay. Praise God for He is good! When we met up with Walker, our team leaders and translators we heard great stories of the work God has been doing already in Panama.   We spent our first night at the Casa Blanca and enjoyed a full night’s rest.
After breakfast we set out for “La Comunidad Bible Church” where we had an amazing worship service with our brothers and sisters here in Panama. Walker brought the message at church, and all were encouraged who heard. We know that worship makes us stronger and gives us energy, which is exactly what the team needed. After the service we ate the iconic peanut butter and jelly lunch the team was ready to go out and do ministry.  On the street called Cinco de Mayo we did the drama and shared the Gospel. We were able to see God draw people to Himself today through the Smoke Rise Awe Star team.

After the day of ministry we enjoyed the cooking of Panama in Casa Blanca. We are enjoying the teaching and training led by Walker to prepare us for doing further ministry.  Please pray for us as we go to Aguacate tomorrow for ministry.
Thank you for your prayers and for following your loved ones on this trip.
Thank you,
Smoke Rise Team


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