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Today we had a wonderful day of rest and experiencing the culture! We spent the day seeing the city, resting, and finding great bargains in the market. We began the day by eating delicious pancakes that were prepared for us. After this we made our way into the city to exchange our U.S. Dollars into Ethiopian Birrs. This is quite the cultural experience in and of itself. Then we went to a restaurant for everyone to have a lunch of their choice.

After this we had the great experience of going to the marketplace to obtain souvenirs at a good price. One of the best parts of this day is not necessarily finding the perfect gift for our loved ones (that’s great, don’t get me wrong), but bargaining with the shop owners for the best price. This can almost be a game and many times forms friendships with the shop owners because of the fun interaction. We also looked for opportunities to share the Gospel and give out tracts to the various people that we met today. Even though today was not a day of scheduled ministry we knew that we need to always be seeking opportunities for ministry.

This evening after a delicious dinner prepared by the cooks at the Learning Village we had a going-away celebration with our friends here. This consisted of a bonfire, popcorn, laughs, games, and music. We are sad to be leaving so soon but so thankful for the lasting friendships that we have made along the way and for all of the ways that the Lord has used us this summer.

Tomorrow the Lord has opened up a door for us to share the drama one last time at a local school. Please pray for this last scheduled ministry site and that many will come to know the Lord. Tomorrow night we will fly out of Ethiopia and back to the States. Please pray for safe and healthy travel.

Good night!

Country Coordinators

Jesse and Danielle

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