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Finishing Up Strong

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Hello to all our brothers and sisters in Christ,

Today has been a wonderful day of ministry and we are so energized by the Lord. We began our day with a time of affirmation. What this means is that we were able to begin affirming our fellow teammates and sharing with them the godly characteristics we see in them. This is such a meaningful time and it sparks so much growth and encouragement. We were not able to finish affirming everyone so we will be doing some more in the morning.

After affirmation time, we traveled to the Baptist church we are working with here in Chepen. This was such a fun time as we were able to play with the children and get to know some of the adults a little better. We were even able to do the drama outside of their church which, as usual, attracted more people and thus opened up more opportunities to share the gospel. One of our team members was able to minister to a teenage boy who watched the drama from a second-floor window. Ministering to someone who is standing on the second floor of a building is sometimes challenging, but this time the Lord moved and it was amazing to watch. This young man’s eyes were opened to the truth and he began a relationship with Christ today.

After this drama we went to a nearby plaza that was full of people who were enjoying the beautiful Sunday evening and began proclaiming the Gospel to them. We have been praying that the Lord would work through us and that His Spirit would be evident in our lives, and he has answered these prayers so far. As one of the students began speaking to a group of people, they told her they were Catholic and they wanted to know the difference between what they believed and what we believed. While she was talking, the Lord began to move and He allowed her to speak Spanish in a way that the people understood very clearly. She was aware of what she was saying, but she did not quite understand how she was able to say it in Spanish. This was definitely the Spirit working because the group of people wanted to know about a relationship with Christ and they got to hear the truth which caused them to surrender their hearts to the Lord. Another group felt the Lord tugging their hearts to go and talk to a particular lady and their next heartbeat was a heartbeat of obedience. As they were talking to this lady, more and more people began showing up and they all wanted to ask Christ to be the Lord of their life. This brought so much joy and we were excited to see the Spirit at work.

All we can do is stand in Awe as we think about all that the Lord has done on this trip, and we cannot wait to share all the stories He has given us. We know that we are unworthy of sharing His message, but He chooses us anyway and we are so thankful. Today was our last full day in Chepen, and it was a powerful way to end our stay here. Tomorrow, we will begin our journey back to the airport in Lima. It is crazy to realize that it is already time to go back! We will be stopping in Trujillo to eat dinner tomorrow night, and then our next stop will be Lima. Please pray for safe travel and for people of peace to be placed in our path. Thank you for all you do.


Tanner and Cherish

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2 response to Finishing Up Strong

  • Stacy Foley says:

    Hello, Team!

    So glad to hear of your continued annointing and more lives changed even up to the end of your trip! If I know how God works, I guess that you will even have divine appointments as you travel home.

    Praying for safety, strength and energy for the long journey. Can’t wait to see you, Levi!!!

    Momma Foley

  • Team Peru, So excited for what all God has done, & shown each of you! Lives will be forever changed! Continued prayers for ur safe journey back to Dallas, then for each family on to their homes! Cant wait to hear what all God has done!

    CASSIE- I cant wait to see u, hug u, kiss u, u have surely been missed! Cant wait to hear all ur stories, & see how much u’ve grown. We’ll see u friday! 😉 Lots of Love, Mom

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