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Final Stretch

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Good Evening!

Today for our first day of ministry back in Panama City, we started off with a delicious breakfast of Panamanian tortillas and bacon prepared by our favorite cook, Tia Mirna. Lelia and Jacob had their turn as TDs for the day, and they did a great job leading the team efficiently from our first site to our last. After breakfast, we made our way through town to a soccer field in the middle of the city, where about fifty young men were attending a Saturday soccer academy. The father of one of our translators runs the academy, so that opened the door for us to perform for there. We arrived just as they were finishing practice and set up for the drama in the middle of the field. Afterward, the team was able to go out and talk to the kids and parents who had arrived to pick them up. It was a great opportunity to share the gospel with many from all over the city. Some had to leave quickly, so we handed out gospel tracts to them as they left, but some stayed for us to explain the gospel more clearly, and a few prayed to give their lives to Christ!

For our next site, we traveled to Tocumen, which was about a thirty-minute bus ride out of Panama City. Surrounding us as we drove through downtown were the uniquely designed, towering Panamanian skyscrapers. We were then greeted by the open ocean with its pockets of green islands jutting out of the blue water. Our first stop in Tocumen was at a church that has recently started and whose growing attendance consists of many the young people in the area. They welcomed us with open arms, ham and cheese sandwiches, and cookies, which we all happily consumed. After praying over us and the area of Tocumen, the pastor and his wife commissioned us for a drama in a park nearby.

We made our way to the park and spent the next hour going out in groups and reaching out to people in nearby homes, stores, and restaurants. Members of the church joined us as we went out to share with people about the Lord and invite them to the drama. We reconvened after the hour was up to perform the drama in the park. Afterward, the students were able to interact and pray with the people who showed up. One of the groups got to share with two young men who were playing basketball behind us during the drama. They found out one of the kids was from Maryland and spoke English. He was visiting family in Panama. It’s cool to see how even though we’re in Panama, we are able to reach people with the gospel from all over the world.

This evening, we made our way back to Casa Blanca and had a delicious dinner of ham and mashed potatoes, and the students ended the night in their MOM & POP groups processing through the day and all that God’s been teaching them. We can’t believe that we only have two more days of ministry left. Please pray that the Lord would keep us focused on this final stretch and that He would continue to do amazing things while we’re here. Pray for continued unity and that we would be able to stay strong to the end.

Your CCs,

Marc & Rebecca

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