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Fiesta en Los EE.UU.

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Hello from Dallas, TX!
We are so excited to be back in the United States! Not too much has happened since the last time we posted, but at the same time, so much has changed!
Around 12:00 a.m. last night (or this morning) we left our hotel in Lima to head to the airport. After a sad goodbye with Marco and a trip through the security checkpoint, our students boarded the plane to El Salvador. We took off around 3:40 a.m. and most of the team went straight back to sleep. We landed in El Salvador around 6:00 a.m. their time and had a short layover before boarding our flight home. The students began to get antsy at the thought of being so close to returning to American soil. Finally, we were able to board the plane! The team enjoyed riding on the trolley and climbing the stairs to our plane rather than walking across the typical bridge. Many of them said they felt “fancy” walking up the steps to board. On the plane, they were able to spend time sleeping, watching movies, playing games, and looking out over the ocean and land of Central and North America. Around 1:00 p.m., we finally landed in Dallas, grabbed our bags, and loaded Awe Star vans to return to ASU. The team was reunited with our brothers and sisters from the Suriname team and served a delicious late lunch of one of their most-requested American meals – pizza! Afterwards, they were given a few hours before dinner to rest and shower.
At dinner they exchanged stories and enjoyed catching up with their friends from the Suriname team. Once they had eaten their fair share of burritos and nachos served by the amazing cafeteria crew here at Dallas Christian College, we gathered together for team time where we began a time of affirmation. Affirmations are a big part of debriefing for all Awe Star teams because it gives the students a chance to encourage their teammates in a way that they may not have been able to without the time set aside specifically for that reason. Each person on the team was affirmed and all walked away feeling loved and encouraged.
Before bed, we let the students have more time to shower and share stories with their friends on the Suriname team. Tonight, we are making sure they get lots of rest to make up for what they have missed and to prepare them for debriefing which actually begins tomorrow afternoon.
Please be praying for focus among the team – it is sometimes hard to be home but not at YOUR home during these important days of debriefing, however the teams know that this is a very valuable time and that God is not done working in their lives. Also, please pray for the Panama team as they are traveling back tonight and tomorrow morning. They will arrive here at ASU after lunch. The team is extremely excited to be reunited and begin to debrief alongside the other teams.
We are praising God for safe travels and all that He has done in the country of Peru, among our team, and in our hearts. We know His will is above all others and He will be glorified in it!
Your CCs,
Jordan and Hannah

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