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Fern Gully

Good evening friends and family,

We apologize again for our internet difficulties. Tuesday was a wonderful day filled with ministry that we just couldn’t skip telling you about so this post is from the 15th.

Our team is now working with an organization called Great Concerns. Two men, Asrat and Fikre are helping us find many ministry opportunities in places that we would otherwise not have heard about. We traveled to a smaller town on the outer limits of Addis Ababa. Here we learned that the village used to worship trees; similar to the previous day but more extreme. The enemy had such control over this village that many would give their lives as well as their families’ lives over to the power of the demons. The trees were beautiful but nothing like our God! There has been an evangelist in this village for 5 years now and he has started a church that many go to now. Asrat and Fikre have been going for 3 years now to help them learn the truths of Scripture. Many have turned from worshipping the created thing to the Creator.

Two of our students were able to share the gospel and answer questions from a man who was very curious. They were using Scripture they didn’t even know they had memorized! The Holy Spirit was speaking through them. The man prayed to receive Christ and got into contact with the church there. We found out later that this man is a government official and has authority over many that he can bring to know the Lord. Change is coming in that town!

After an on the go lunch, we arrived at a church in Addis Ababa. We played some soccer/basketball/keep away with some nationals while building a crowd. We had the opportunity to do the drama in both Oromo and Amharic since people spoke the different languages. After the double feature our students were excited to do some ministry with the people they had built relationships with. Many were just encouraged by the believers that were watching. One group got to lead some men and woman to the Lord. We are grateful for the churches because immediately after us talking, they were asking everyone to come inside to hear more.

We ended the day quite exhausted but thankful for ministry. Please pray for continues rest and fluidity. Pray also that ministry opportunities would be in abundance as we finish this week with all that we have.

Country Coordinators

Jesse & Danielle

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