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Faithfulness in San Miguelito

(Sunday, June 30)

The team worshipped at La Comunidad Bible Church this morning, a bilingual congregation geared towards evangelism in Panama City. With raised voices and hands we praised the faithfulness of our God in two languages. The embraces of our brothers gave us strength as we headed out for an afternoon of ministry in the Kuna/Embera community of San Miguelito. 

The small concrete buildings of San Miguelito are built along the curves of a mountain, a smear of artificial colors and gray stone standing out from the green hills. The sun glared bright and hot today as the team walked up and down, up and down the hills to the drama site. The pastor warned us that the crowds would be small because of the day’s hot sun, but God provided shade. With the local pastor’s enthusiastic help, the team invited the people in the vicinity to come watch the drama in a covered pavilion. With children and young people lining the three sides of the pavilion, the team performed the drama using every bit of leftover space, from the rafters to the stairs. The team threw as much passion into witnessing as they did in performing the drama, and the message of Christ was evident. 

Because of God’s providence, the clouds rolled in, shielding the area and dropping the temperature. The team trekked down and up again to the fenced-in, concrete soccer field (like a basketball court) next to a bar blasting music.  Despite the competition, the team performed the drama to an even bigger crowd, complete with a row of shy mothers clinging to their indigenous faith. After the drama, the men of the team went beyond the fence of the soccer field to speak with the men of the bars and nearby houses. The cloudy eyes of some of these men cleared with recognition, and seeds were planted. The women of the team spoke with the women and children inside the soccer field, and some from the team were asked to pray over a sick infant. 

The pastor led the team up to the church where a gathering of the congregation awaited us. Two of the students from the team shared encouraging words with the people of San Miguelito, and the pastor and his niece shared encouraging words with the team. After a final prayer of thanksgiving, the team left San Miguelito to head back to Panama City.

Please keep the team in your prayers as we into city ministry tomorrow. Pray for focus, passion, and divine encounters.

In the deep love of Christ,

Steph and Daniel


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3 response to Faithfulness in San Miguelito

  • Chad Thompson says:

    sounds like an amazing day of Ministry. Praying that God will continue to use this team in Mighty ways

  • Penny Culpepper says:

    What a God filled day for all of you and the people of Panama. It is very encouraging to read that the people are open to hear and that God is planting many seeds. Give our Maddie a hug. Love you all.

  • Susan Porter says:

    Love reading the blogs! Keep up your focus, strength and faithfulness!

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