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Faithfulness from the Father

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Today has been such a beautiful day on our first day of Jesus Ministry! When we arrived last night, it was already dark in the city. This morning was the first time the students had the opportunity to take in the sight of Panama. This morning the team woke up to the sounds of the birds chirping out in the trees along with the sound of the buzz of the city around Casa Blanca. It is amazing to see the trees surround the city in their beauty and the creatures that the Lord has made, such as bigger grasshoppers and Panamanian critters! We are thankful for today because God made this day and we will rejoice as Psalm 118:24 says to and be glad!

After breakfast, the team gathered to pray and begin ministry in the schools of Panama. As the autobus pulled up to gather our missionaries, they began to focus in on the ministry the Lord had prepared for today. As our leaders pulled up to a ministry site, the team began to pray. As first, the site would not allow the team to come, but we serve an awesome Lord and Savior who gave us 20 minutes, yet even after 20 minutes no one stopped the Gospel or asked us to leave. What a blessed opportunity to share the good news, and these students have been giving everything to let them know about who Jesus is! At another site, the team began to realize that how they engage with those passing by does matter as many were intrigued by the drama today. Even a window washer, making sure windows were clean for the business, took pause to see how the Lord made a plan for salvation. Coming back to Panama, there have been some we have reunited with expressing how they have seen the drama before. One of our leaders even had someone leave their job for a moment to come say hello and thank the group for sharing an important story. Even from 4 years ago, a man who was once a bus driver for Awe Star is now a pastor of a church cmame and expressed his joy in the Lord. Such blessings!

As the team began to do their last drama of the day, there was one young man who was shopping at a local store. The drama began with God’s Creation and before the end of the Restoration, he had sat down on the sidewalk and kept repeating “I know I need to change, I know I need to, I know, I know!” The Lord had salvation planned for this young man, and what a day this has been!

Thank you for reading and we hope to continue to praise God for what He has done and is doing here in Panama!

Panama 14 Day Leadership

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response to Faithfulness from the Father

  • Gilbert says:

    Hi from Britain to Trevor! and all the team! – great to hear of the encounters the Lord has already given you – praying y’all will see many responding to the Gospel, because of your willingness to go and share!

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