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Faith in the Firehouse

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Good evening from Chepo!

Today was our last day of drama ministry here in Chepo, and oh, how the Lord moved! We began the day with a wholesome breakfast and then took a bus to the center of Chepo, where we had the opportunity to share the Gospel at the central fire station. This was such an incredible site! Surrounded by fire trucks and ambulances, the team performed the drama for a group of firemen and women. We were praying against any fires in the area, because we wouldn’t wish that on anyone, but also because we longed for the group to be able to stay and hear the Gospel without interruption. After the drama, one of our students gave a powerful net, beckoning the audience to repent and believe on the Lord Jesus. Immediately our students were up and sharing in their ministry teams. One student shared with a group of about four firefighters, some of whom were Catholic. This student patiently shared what it means to truly have a relationship with God, and to have the peaceful assurance of salvation that comes through faith and not works. After their conversation, the whole group wanted to pray, repenting and trusting in Jesus for forgiveness of sins. The Gospel is the power unto salvation! These men and women protect their countrymen from worldly fires, but today, Jesus saved them all from eternal fire.

In the afternoon, the team returned to the church where we are staying, and we read and talked through Ephesians. We focused together on the eternal story that God is weaving together through Jesus Christ. Ephesians tells us that we were chosen before the foundation of the world for adoption and are destined to enjoy the blessings of God’s glorious grace forever. This is the eternal story we take part in day by day.

Just before dinner, we walked a short distance to a park where people in the neighborhood gather to play soccer. Though the crowd was small when we began, as the drama progressed, the crowd grew and grew. There was even a group of men there who put their soccer game on hold so we could perform the drama on the field. One ministry team went to a house across from the park to share with a family who watched the drama from their porch. As they approached, it appeared that the woman was hurrying to get inside before they could reach her. But as they got closer, they realized that she was only putting the family’s dog away. She wanted no distractions as these students brought her the Gospel of life in Jesus. And she believed this very Gospel today! It was an awesome opportunity to put to practice what we had just learned from Ephesians, that we should be overjoyed with every salvation, because God is working an eternal miracle when he saves souls.

We wrapped up the night with some MOM and POP time and a birthday celebration thrown by the local church for Tess, whose birthday is Sunday. They treated the team with cake, gave us all personalized pens, and gave Tess a couple of other special gifts just for her!

Please pray for us as we travel by boat to Las Culebras tomorrow morning. This is a small village up the river from Icandi, where we ministered on Saturday. We will serve in Las Culebras tomorrow and Friday morning. This means we will not be able to update tomorrow, but look for more from us on Friday. Please pray for safe travels and joyful hearts as we travel by bus and boat many miles to share the glorious Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus!

Your CCs,

Craig and Meridith

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