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Experiencing the Mighty Power

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It’s a good morning!  As we sit here eating our Sunday breakfast, we can’t help but reflect on the day before and God’s goodness toward us.  We had an early start to our ministry; we climbed onto the bus, then headed to Colon, a city which is an hour and a half away.  We used our bus time purposefully by seating each young man by one of the young ladies.  Each lady then had the task of discovering the “grunt language” (something he has a special interest in) of the young man sitting next to her. We heard lots of laughter as questions were asked to our men.

 Our bus reached its first destination, a small community named Ibeorgun, where Pastor Morris, who rode the bus with us, ministers.  Our eyes were drawn to the cinder block homes topped with rusty tin roofs.  Each home’s clothesline displayed their colorful garments while through glassless windows, multiple faces with deep brown eyes peered out.  We quickly departed the bus and invited the locals to join us in the open pavilion.  At first, the people were apprehensive, unsure if they should trust their hearts that were telling them to go.  Then it happened.  First three little boys, then a Kuna (one of the people groups in Panama) mom and her two girls, and soon the concrete floor of the pavilion was full of little bodies while the parents sat on the concrete ledge that lined the pavilion.  Our drama was performed and the gospel shared.  What a beautiful sight, as groups of children gathered around our students, eager to hear the good news. Moms and dads also eagerly listened, and several said yes to Jesus!  As we walked the muddy path back to our bus, the families of the community walked alongside us, tugging at our heartstrings even a little more for Inbeorgun.

A short drive away, we made our second stop at Good Samaritan Church, which is led by Pastor Morris.   We shared a meal together of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with those who were waiting for us in the dirt- floored building.  After our lunch, we were invited to present the drama to those who are a part of the church, and then we went out into their community.  The church members walked beside us, then helped us gather their neighbors to watch our performance.   The crowd was filled with men, women, and many children along with two police officers.  After our drama was performed, our students went out to personally invite those in the audience to Jesus.  Many accepted the invitation, including the two police officers!  It was time to leave and again as we walked the puddle-filled gravel road, our new friends walked alongside us, hugging us good-bye, taking our pictures  and making our boarding of the bus bittersweet.

We were able to perform the drama one last time in the downtown area of Colon.  Here we found a large grocery store, and after a bit of convincing, the manager of the store granted us permission to perform the drama in her parking lot.  The audience was not as large, but those who entered and exited the store had seeds planted in their hearts, and we know God will be able to make the seeds grow.

We boarded the bus for the hour and a half drive back to our missionary home.  Hearts were full, our group was knit closer together, and affirmations toward each other began to pour out of our mouths.  

We are so grateful that God has allowed us to have this experience.  Just as Paul says in Philippians 3:10, “I want to know Christ and experience the mighty power that raised Him from the dead.”  That desire is happening right now in our lives and the lives of your students!

Your Panama 14-Day Leadership,


Mike and Sarah Lehew

Zach Hamilton and Mya Hudgins

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