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Éxito en Todo

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Buenas Noches from Nuevo Laredo!

It has been a very long but very rewarding today. We are so proud of the way the students have pulled together as a team and have walked in power.

This morning we had a special breakfast of pancakes, which was a delicious treat to start our day. There was a combined sense of fear and excitement as we prepared our hearts to go to the maximum security prison. After singing a worship song, Walker spoke about how the students should be looking for a story that God will give them to take back and share. Feeling confident that God was going to do amazing things, we left singing praises and in prayer for the ministry.

Although there was a focused attitude among the students, we knew walking in that God has not given us a spirit of fear but a spirit of power and love. We entered the prison praying silently and excited for what God was going to do. God has opened many doors and we had an amazing experience.

At first the students went over to the women’s side of the prison and performed the drama for the ladies in the prison. While we have been coming to this prison for years, we have never gotten the opportunity to actually go inside the prison cells to meet the prisoners where they’re at. God opened a door and gave us the ability for the women of our team to go into where the prisoners live and pray over each room and prisoner. God opens doors that no one else can!
After this we went over to the men’s side of the prison. This was a little more high security and there were a lot more prisoners. One of the most amazing stories from this side actually wasn’t from a salvation that occurred today. Today we worked with Pastor Hugo. Pastor Hugo used to be a prisoner in the prison. When he moved to Mexico he got involved with organized crime and was arrested. Several years ago, another Awe Star team came to the same prison. He couldn’t leave his room but he watched the drama from his cell window on the second floor. The Holy Spirit moved, Hugo ended up surrendering his life to Christ and is now a pastor, working in the prison to minister to people in the same position he was in. Gloria a Dios!
We performed two dramas at the prison and then left for our next ministry site. One thing we believe at Awe Star is that the darkness pulls the darkness out of us. Several of our students were feeling sick and started to feel heavy spiritual warfare. But we know we can walk in power because we already have the victory. We did two more dramas, both at different plazas in the main city of Nuevo Laredo. Although the crowds were small, we witnessed many big movements of God. We know success is not defined by numbers but by how faithful we were to what God calls us to, and we know that God called us to Nuevo Laredo.

Tomorrow is our final day of ministry here in Nuevo Laredo. We are so excited and expectant of God to do amazing things. Pray for the health of the students and that they stay hydrated. Pray against the attacks of the enemy, that our students would have confidence in the name of Jesus and not in themselves.

Your Country Coordinators,

Walker & Melanie


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