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Every Person Matters to God

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Greetings from Mexico! The students have finished their first full day here in Mexico. Our hearts are excited as we watch them begin to bond over learning the drama together. 

The students awoke bright and early this morning, albeit sleepy due to losing an hour of sleep thanks to the time change. One of the most important parts that we teach the students on this trip is the importance of having a personal quiet time in the mornings. We loved watching the alumni students partner with the new ones and show them how to have a quiet time. 

After a delicious breakfast the students got to sit under a short teaching from Walker on what Jesus ministry looks like. We then headed out to a school where we spent our day learning the drama. This drama goes from creation to crucifixion to resurrection. It is the entire gospel, condensed into 18 minutes with a narration of the track. Although they only had about 8 hours to learn the drama, the students picked up quick and were able to learn the drama efficiently. 

After taking group pictures, the team packed our stuff and then headed back to the church. The students had a filling meal of spaghetti and pizza and then got fitted into their drama costumes. They performed it for us one last time, perfecting and correcting any little mistakes and they now have it down, ready to go for ministry tomorrow. 

Tonight we got to sit under the teaching of Walker as he taught the students what it is to be Godly men and women. We know the word grows our faith deeper and we are already seeing students called further into their relationships with God. 

Tomorrow is our first day of ministry here in Mexico! Please pray for the students. We are starting off tomorrow by going to a prison. We believe God has all authority and the ability to set the captives free. Pray for boldness in sharing the gospel as some of our students will be sharing the gospel for the first time. We are excited to see the great things God is going to do in and through the team this week in Nuevo Laredo! 

Your Country Coordinators,

Walker & Melanie

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