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Evangelismo Después de la Masa

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Good evening, everyone!

We hope this update finds you well! The team is doing great and feeling energized after a day full of salvation in Bagua!

We started our Sunday by heading to church to perform for the congregation. Our students filled the front of the small building, and the church allowed us to use their sound system. We were able to perform as an act of encouragement for the congregation. The pastor expressed his thanks for the reminder of God’s love for them. We can always rest knowing that performing for a group of believers is not in vain, but is useful for the edification of our brothers and sisters. We are always so encouraged during these times as well! God calls the church to lift each other up, and that is exactly what we get to do when we bring the drama to churches.

After church, we trekked through the marketplace to our next site. People began to crowd around in curiosity as the students set up. Soon, the streets were lined with spectators so that the drama was performed to a small crowd. Once they were done, the students went out into their teams and proclaimed the gospel to the people. One of our students described his experience like this: “A big group of people listened to me share Christ, and a big group of people also decided to follow Him!”

We ate lunch and began our daily Bagua rest time. The students were able to call home and read all of the comments you have left for them on the blog! Don’t worry. If you didn’t catch your student’s phone call, they will call back very soon! They so enjoyed hearing from home and it made them all the more excited to see you all in just about a week. They then had time to rest and prepare for our evening dramas.

Before having dinner, we performed in a park where we had never been before. Many children and teenagers were playing soccer, skateboarding, and hanging out. All of them were able to see the gospel presented! The students went to their groups and spoke with people who started the conversation dead in sin, but ended it alive in Christ. Gloria a Dios for bringing His children to Him!

We then ate dinner and afterwards, the rest of the students hung out in their rooms while the leadership spent some time with the MOMs and POPs. This is always such a valuable time as leadership because we get to check in with these leaders in training to see how we can better serve them, how their students are connecting, and how God is working in their lives. We can even just relax with a Coke and hang out together.

Finally, it was time for our last drama. Again, we performed in the Plaza De Armas. We timed the beginning of our drama just right so that it began at the same time as the mass ended at the Catholic church. The multitude of people pouring out of the church walked right into our evangelical bubble and were presented the true gospel – that Jesus Christ is our one and only way to salvation. The crowd was even larger than last night and the students came back with joy overflowing because of the great things they saw God do in the hearts of those they ministered to. One of our students was able to share with and lead our hotel owner, and she is now a sister in Christ.  Masses of people heard the gospel from our MTLs, and masses of people filled out response cards saying they had made the decision to walk from death to life. Our biggest prayer is that, because we cannot stay to disciple, the pastor here would diligently come along behind us in order to encourage and lift up those who accepted Christ while we are in Bagua.

Please join us in praying the Lord would continue to work on the hearts of those here in Bagua, especially those who are new believers. Also, please pray for our friend Diego, who has been with us these past few days. Today was his last day to be able to hang out with us, and he was heartbroken to leave. He again shared his testimony of an Awe Star team just like ours coming and sharing Christ with him, and he asked us not to forget him because he will never forget us. This really impacted the students to see the difference that the gospel is making in the hearts of the people with whom we come in contact. We are asking God to continue to grow Diego that he may be a light here in Bagua once we are gone.

Your CCs,

Jordan and Hannah

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