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Esther Before the King

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Greetings everyone,

We’ve had a busy two days here in Godo. Yesterday, the 10th, we went to another village nearby and performed at a school. This village is just across the river and has a clinic right next door. Therefore, people who aren’t even connected to the school got to hear. One student got to pray with the school leader as she asked for patience with the students. We also got to pray for the students as they get ready for a big test next week.

After we returned to our “home” village in Godo, we did a drama for the school here. People in the village were curious about what we were doing in their village, so they came from all around. The students were dancing with us and paid great attention to our story. The pastor was able to share as well because they have a church here in Godo. The students are learning to step out in faith and trust their words to the Lord. He is always faithful and as a result of their trust, people are coming to know Him as Savior!

We took a well-deserved rest time to continue the connections we have made here in Godo. Some students even got to do their workout routine with some new friends. The captain’s wife has been so good to cook us dinner every night here and do all of our dishes. The team is getting really good at making sure we always have filtered water ready and flowing. The body of Christ is at work here.

The last drama for the day consisted of traveling a bit down river and going to invite house to house. This is always an enjoyable time to see villages, pray over them, and spend time with the nationals who go with us. After the drama, as the students went out, they got to explain the gospel. From young children to older adults, people prayed to receive Christ. Praise God, His Word never returns void.

Here in Godo, our shower is the river, so we put on our worst clothes and had community shower time. There isn’t much that’ll bring a team together like getting clean together in a river. After a long hard day, the cold river is so refreshing. We ended the night with being open about what we have struggled with this summer in our MOM and POP groups. Praying for and encouraging one another is always a good way to fall asleep.

This morning, the 11th, we awoke ready to finish our last full day here with zeal. We learned when we got to breakfast that a sister here at the church wanted to willingly wash all our drama clothes. Bless her because we stank! While we were waiting on them, we went out and walked around a few close villages to see what God had in store. We walked and prayed and talked with people as well as handed out tracts. Every seed planted counts. Several students got to talk with people outside their houses and share what we were doing and pray for them. We met the chief of chiefs (not quite the King) and got to pray that he would lead with compassion. He is just filling in until they find a new head. Join us in praying that the new head chief would be a believer and start a revolution.

After putting on our newly-cleaned drama clothes, we headed out to invite people in the villages near where we are staying (on this side of the river) to come to a church service tonight and see the drama. We pray that whatever happens tonight, God gets glory!

Tomorrow we will do a church service for four churches in the area combined. We will then head back to Foetoenakaba. Please pray for the churches to continue to grow here and for safe travels tomorrow. Praise God for His protection over this team.

Love you all,

Chad and Danielle

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